Help us to finance this project and be part of <<ABEL>> ! A film about a family of immigrants trying to adapt in Europe.

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What if you had to leave your own country to live in a "foreign" land, where you have to learn a new language, a new routine, a new way of life with completely strangers and your family depends one hundred percent of every action and step you're now about to do, just because your country is experiencing a lack of balance in the system that you have nothing to do with?.


<<Abel>> a fiction feature film -Gastón Rodríguez- has written is a film about a little boy who lives with his big brother Kalim and his father Hasan in one of the humbles neighborhoods of a small city located in Provence, south of France. They came running away from their country as a result of the civil war, a war that makes thousands of families like Abel's run away from their homes.




Hasan works in a small fruit store down town, not bigger than a single bedroom, property  of Halam, a good man with noble intentions, Halam used to provide work and opportunities to the people coming from countries with social conflicts or simply immigrants looking for a chance to live a new life.




Every morning, Abel and Kalim help their father at the fruit store. Like every child at their age they should be at school learning history, math, geography, run and play with friends but Abel and Kalim don't. They are learning how to survive, how to work and how to get involve into society.


In a winter morning Abel makes his routine, he wakes up, have breakfast and takes the bicycle to ride at the fruit store, but this day will not be a regular day. In the middle of his way to the fruit store Abel always cross into an open field next to the river, the shortest path to get down town. In the open field Abel discovers an incomprehensible situation that will change his live for ever.







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<<Abel>> is a story about a child's lost innocence, lost, because in these days the world, our world, is getting mad. Wars, discrimination, violence, racism, murders, are some subjects that plenty of people are living at this moment and some other people just watch, judge or talk about at the internet, radio or television without awareness. This events make lots of our children to forget they can have fantasies, imagination or innocence ... they lose these privileges like Abel.




  This is a single story we want to share, a story about one of the many possible problems we have or we've heard about. The idea is not to change the world but just to let the people open their minds and conscience about what is going on around us. A simple story that is happening right now to someone you know or you don't know, maybe to your neighbors, a friend or family member, or a complete stranger, the person responsible to provide you the fruit, meat or bread you enjoy every morning with your coffee...






The plan for this project is to make the shooting session in a single place with multiple locations. A beautiful city and historical infrastructure. We have seen plenty of beautiful places near Provence, but Arles just took our attention and we think this is the perfect spot so the story can be made. We want to make something simple, humble, but full of interesting images and results and Arles has it all.








The team behind the responsibility to make this happen are professional and experienced people, prepared with excellent material and originals ideas to make a good work. Our plan and intentions are to film this movie with our hearts and good energy, so if you can help us funding this project, we'll be really thankful for being part of this and make it something true, something real.














We ask for the minimum of the previous indicated goal to get started, simply for basic and necessary things to begging with, as well, if we have luck and for any chance our goal became more than the expected, every single donation will be only and exclusive for the benefits of the film...however we are very thankful for the smallest donations you can contribute. 



3.000 or more (Camera equipment)


2.400 or more (Audio equipment)


1.600 or more (Production)


1.000 or more (Post production)



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Director's work 2012 - 2013






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