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1/ Abjure, what's it about?


Abjure is the first David Bart’s Artist book.

Each book is in limited edition and numbered.


From latin : ab-contre, juro-je jure

to renounce, repudiate, or retract, especially with formal solemnity; recant:

to abjure one's errors.

to avoid or shun.



2/ What’s inside?


- 1 Artist book of 48 pages composed of:

          • Color photographies and graphic researches;

          • Texts in English, French and original Latin text.


          printed on Artic White paper 170g

          Finished format : 24 x 16 cm Italian + flaps

          Impression : Quadri recto / verso

          Shaping : Back Perfect binding sewn Cover with flaps : 4 pages, modern half 350g mate coated paper

          Finish: matt filming

          Printed at Escourbiac France


- 1 download code for:

          • Open Air Film 6'09 '' mp4 HQ size

          • The book soundtrack (yes, after all, there are soundtracks for films, but never for books) duration 12'55 '' in MP3 and AIFF formats


- 1 flyer (A5 format 350g matt).




3/ Statement of intent


This artbook questions man’s parochial vision and short-term approach vis-à-vis his environment, hence his destiny. I apprehend space and time in their symbolic and experimental dimensions. A presence / absence suggested through materials, black sand, foam, volcanic stones, sulfur, as well as suspension, blur, intangibility... In recontextualizing The Popular Astronomy illustrations in real, contemporary environments and time frames, I reveal a singular metamorphosis: that of landscape turning into sign.















4/ Open Air film


The film is an essay on the disappearance of the effect of gravity. The water sucked like flies through the sky. On Earth and in space, each element is organized around gravitation. It influences everything.


The film is not intended to illustrate this phenomenon but to reveal how this physical property is deeply rooted in our perception of space and time, and we consider it obvious aquise.





5/ “Abjure” soundtrack


A soundtrack was jointly created with the book, adding an audio dimension to the visuals. It was composed in part using sounds collected in Iceland. Music was recorded in a home studio.




6/ Your support is essential to the viability of the project.


The " Abjure " project is self-produced. In order to exist it needs your support. Your contribution through crowdfunding is essential to the concretisation of the project.



Lux magnifica is dedicated to the creation and dissemination of artistic projects.


Many thanks for your interest and for your help!

Waar dient de collecte voor

The "Abjure" is self-financed by halves: the layout, development and photographic processing have already been achieved.


By your active participation, your solidarity and your support, we will arrive, we hope, to get the second part of financial support needed to make this work live!


Printing and production will make by Escourbiac in France, specialist of Fine Art Books, with a beautiful print quality and finishing.


Printing costs is: 2,700 €

     • Initial funding: 1,350 euros

     • your participation via collective Kisskissbankbank for 50% or 1,350 euros

Add KissKissBankBank costs amounting to 8% = 108 €

Total financing hoped for your support: 1,350 euros + 108 euros = 1,458 euros.

Fixed to 1450 euros for KissKissBankBank.


The selling price of this book, accompanied by the movie & soundtrack download (download individual code) was evaluated at the price of € 15.

Your participation in the financing of Abjure gives you the advantage of receiving the signed, in addition to counterparties for those who wish.


In case of exceeding the desired amount, the surplus will be automatically assigned to mastering the soundtrack.



And after :


The printing of the book and the mix of the soundtrack are scheduled for this summer and the book will be in your hands in September, to start the year!


All counterparties will therefore be at home in September ;-)

Your contribution is essential to the realization of the project.


Thank you very much in advance for your support without which this project would not see the day !


With support from Lux magnifica.


 1000 thanks for your interest and your help!

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