Absoluthé, le thé zéro déchet

Take part in the tea revolution: easy to make teas, 100% organic and zero waste !

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Zéro Déchet

Zéro Déchet : l'appel à projet qui ne gaspille rien
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Absoluthé, le thé zéro déchet

These are organic teas and herbal teas, finely grinded to become soluble into water. A pinch of this powder, hot water and it is ready, no need to wait! You can also forget your cup 10 minutes, the taste will stay the same.

There are no additives, neither sugar, aroms nor food colouring, only plants.

You may know Matcha tea, the Japanese traditionnally grinded tea? We reproduce this method on other teas and herbal teas, but with a European dosage and a sustainable approach.

Have you ever tried to infuse cocoa beans in your milk? Of course not! The reason for this is that the plants give their taste more efficiently when grinded.

This transformation enables to use 6 times less plant per cup than a usual tea: a dose of Absoluthé weights between a quarter and half of a gram, compared to the 2 to 3 grams for a tea infuser.

When speaking about tea, a plant travelling thousands of kilometers to arrive to us, this is quite a cut on the carbon footprint.

This allows us to focus on top qulity raw material: organic whole leaves and flowers. These fine ingredients demonstrate the care they received during their harvest and dryning.

It is also much easier: no more infusion time to respect, nor bitterness if you wait too long! With Absoluthé, it is ready right away and the taste doesn't change anymore.

Last but not least: one can literally drink all the plant one uses. They are edible, why throwing them away?

Because we choose quality over quantity: 6 times less plants per cup, only organic plants that we select as whole leaves and flowers. Organic agriculture is essential in tea:  agricultural rules are different in Asia, and more permissive than in the European Union. Besides, work conditions are much better in organic gardens: higher salaries, steadier jobs, no exposure to pesticides.

But it is not everything yet: we have created eco-friendly packagings! Our teas are presented in 100% recycled glass flasks, made in Spain and refillable. The cork, the spoon and the ribbon coming with the flasks are made in France.

We always look for the closest supplier: if tea grows only in Asia or Africa, for infusions we favor France growned plants. Nowadays the prodcution is not sufficient to provide for the whole year, so when the plant we need is out of stock, we order the plants from the closest country. It is the same for the packaging: we aim at reducing our environnemental footprint and to favour the european economy.

My name is Camille and everytime I drank tea, I felt a bit guilty when throwing away the tea bag. Edible plants, hand plucked, that have travelled so far and I trash so that my cup does not become to strong?! But isn't this food wasting? There must be a better way...

This zero waste tea idea became a university project. And then I wanted to carry it out, to create the company. After twists and turns, Absoluthé was born last summer. We still have lots to do to revolution the tea world, but with you support everything is possible!

There is no great project without a great team. This is us:

- Marie, the community manager,

- Furcy the website master,

- Vickie the next to be food engineer (and her coworker Hortense who was to ill to pause the day of the picture),

- Camille, the founder,

- and Sarah our councellor!

Together we have alrealdy created 5 different perfumes, we have participed in eco-friendly markets, won competitions... We have also prepared the guests presents for two beautiful weddings. We also have implemented (in all modesty) a great Facebook page and Instagram account, come and follow us!

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There are different expenses that we can't yet afford. Here is how the fundraise will be used:

- 3 600 € will be used to pay an intern, to help us on the production and research: grinding plants in such a fine way is not as easy as it sounds! We have already done several tests, looked in the bibliography but that is only the beginning. We also need to invent new tastes so there is an Absoluthé for every one!

- 1 500 € will pay the rent of the professional kitchen where we transform our teas. This rent is a way not to buy the modern mill that we use, it is a very economic solution to start. 

- 1 500 € will be dedicated to implement a refill system, only way to reuse the same frask instead of recycling it when it is empty and buy a new one. We are studying 2 options: bulk sale or a big eco-friendly bag.

- 800 € will go to the organic certfiication. This certification is indeed attributed by an approved organisation that verifies all the process from the selection of raw material to its transformation. This service therefore comes at a difficult price to afford for small compagnies.

- finally, the platform and the bank system providing for the safety of the transactions take 8% of the funds. It is a constant allowing for the good order of crowdfundings.

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