Adeline Ziliox : rêve de mode en Laponie / fashion dream in Lapland

The french stylist wants to share with you a unic experience : THE shooting of her new collection in idyllic surroundings in Finland !

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Adeline Ziliox : rêve de mode en Laponie / fashion dream in Lapland



Fond of Adeline Ziliox? Fond of fashion? Fond of photography? Fond of art? Fond of Finland?


So, it is with you that this experience is to be shared !


"Fashion dream in Laplan" is a real artistic project. We want to demonstrate our Autumn/Winter 2016 collection during shootings in idyllic surroundings, beeing constantly in touch with you, dear Ziliox partner !



It will take place for 5 november-days in 2015 with a first urban shooting in Helsinki. Then wintery shootings in Lapland. We will be with you everyday thanks to backstage pictures and daily reports.  





After participating in the TV show "Projet Fashion", Adeline wanted to keep on being in interrelationshop with her followers. She wished to share with them an unique experience, including her creations.

In the Ziliox Team, it is through further conversations that our creativity is at its peak and that our ideas fly. It is during one of them that we got the idea to realize the first abroad Ziliox shooting with you !


The destination had to fulfil the following  criteria :

- reflecting the "Urban Couture" spirit of the brand thanks to "street art" places ;

- having an early winter to show off the Winter collection ;

- being at the brand image.


Lisa, the communication-marketing assistent, is of Finland origin. She sold us dreams with this beautiful country.


That's why Finland is the one we need :


-Helsinki : This dynamic town is perfect for urban shootings and some of legendary monuments of the capital are just exceptionnals !




-Lapland : THE dreaming environment to present our wintery collection, in a pure, mysterious and fanciful mood.



-The Finns : known to be honnests, fashion trendsetters and above all welcoming, the brand Adeline Ziliox Creation identifies to their values.


Finland became for the stylist and her stylism assitant Nathalie a real source of inspiration for the collection.




Adeline and Nathalie are wording very hard but still with the smile, to create unequalled clothing ! The wooly we be honorend for this collection in order to be warn and fabulous this summer.


For the moment it's top secret because we want to keep the surprise effect of the photographies !








Our team strenght, it is our people and fashion passion.


>The creator : Adeline

>The stylism assistant : Nathalie

>The communication - marketing assistant : Lisa  


We will be 7 to leave. Here is the sharing of the roles : 

>Adeline : artistic direction artistique and coordination

>Lisa : organisation, communication, community management

>Nathalie : stylism help and stewardship

>The brand muse : we organized a contest that will enable us to elect our next muse. She will have the opportunity to escort us... result sunday the 21st june !

>1 professional model : modelling

>1 professional photograph : seeking amazing places, resquesting authorisation, photography

>1 professional hair/make up : models beauty enhancement


As soon as ourd kisskissbankbank aim we be reached, the professionals will be selected by Adeline Ziliox according to precise criteria defined by the Ziliox Team. 





We want to make Adeline Ziliox Creation become much more than a brand : an emblem. For us, Fashion doesn't separate public from the firm. We really want to get closer to you and work with you. That's what our "fashion dream in Lapland" will concretize. 

Waar dient de collecte voor



The entire team commits to work volontary for this artistic project.  All expenditure will be destined to take over the transport and the life costs in Finland. Moreover, we anticipated the Kisskissbankbank deductions.


Transport : 5600€

-France-Finlande plane tickets

-Moves on the spot


Food : 1040€

-Food for the team for 5 days


Logement : 1500€

-2 nights Helsinki for the Team

-2 nights in Laplands for the Team


Counterparties : 500€

Yes... even if we give you them with a great pleasure, their production has a cost !


Commission KISSKISSBANKBANK : 960€

The website Kisskissbankbank earns 8% commission from the whole collect.


→ OBJECTIVE : 9 600€





Dear Ziliox partner,


If we don't reach this purpose : you will be fully refunded and our project won't take place.


If we do : you will be our veritable partner in this amazing and unic project.




If we surpass 12 000 € (KIITOS = thank's in finnish !), we will use your donations to :


- lend a monospace : adapted to Sami snow, spacious enought to transport the team, the material, and the clothes : that will enable us to access to somptuous places !

- sublimate our artistic project : book unique places (ice cavern…), jewels and shoes for the shootings...

- get a GoPro to realise a making-off 

- organize an exclusive event where you will be invited to celebrate our success : an exhibition launch presenting the pictures in preview



Invitation + meet the team



Invitation for 2 + meet the team



Invitation for 2 + meet the team + 1 picture dedicaded



Invitation for 2 + meet the team + 1 picture dedicaded + VIP table


GOLD-ZILIOX partner :

Invitation for 2 + meet the team + 1 picture dedicaded + VIP table + 1 bottle of champagne



Invitation for 6 + meet the team + 2 pictures dedicaded + VIP table + 2 bottles of champagne


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