Adventice — Issue 01

Adventice is an editorial project centered around the confrontation of culture and nature. It is a biannual research publication of observations and visual representations. Adventice concentrates on new ways-of-seeing bad-weeds; species usually excluded from culture and ideal representations of nature. COMING OUT: 19th June 2012.

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Adventice — Issue 01



➔ Adventice is a publication of observations, analysis and visual essays.

It is independently published and distributed twice a year.


➔ Adventice concentrates on the confrontation of different topics,

highlighting the tension between conflicting subjects.


➔ Despite it being an art publication, it strives to create a dialogue between

various fields. Authors such as writers, photographers, designers, biologists

and illustrators explore the specificities of the given theme. The diverse

approaches concentrate on the ungrateful and usually left aside aspects

of the question.


➔ Each issue focuses on the encounter of specific and precise disciplines,

presenting several personal interpretations. Every edition contains an insert

which introduces an academical or scientific research. However our aim is

not to give thorough knowledge, rather it is a specialized cultural publication.

The project aspires to push the limits and even take on insignificant matters.




➔ Adventice facebook






128 pages, 230 x 310 mm, soft cover.



Another Jungle by Jérôme Foubert

Before I Hatched by Laurent Maestracci

Behind The Scene by Équipe Adventice

Blue Dark Garden by Diane du Chaxel,

Alaric Garnier and Pablo Réol

Utopia by Matthieu Lavanchy

and Jonas Marguet

English Roses by Team Adventice

Fabulous Friends by Simon Ladoux,

Marie-Luce Schaller and Sebastian Stadler

Gotham City by Team Adventice

Invasive Species by Hugo Devèze

Magic Beast by Team Adventice

Reaching Mountains by Ugo Bienvenu,

Guilia Rossini and Rafael Kouto Reaching

Hybrid by Jacques Duboux

The Clan Cacophony by Fabrice Mabime

The Reader Explorer by Cassandre Poirier-Simon

Walk The Line by Jennifer McGlinchey












We met two years ago at the beginning of our Master program at the Ecal,

university of Art, Lausanne. It was an evidence for us to work together, as we

share similar interests and aesthetics. Our collaboration has grown stronger

over the months of collaborative work. Indeed we have combined our

respective skills of graphic design and photography.


Adventice issue number one will be our first published project. For the past 

two years we have been working on this project with great dedication.

We have created a solid network of contributors and friends from various

backgrounds who have supported and made possible the realization

of Adventice. It has been a great adventure, and a rich human experience!

We are really happy to have reached the production stage, and need

your help to finalize it.


For further information, please visit our website:

➔ Adventice facebook



Co-founders and editors:

Florine Bonaventure

Jennifer Niederhauser Schlup



Krzysztof Lukasik

Simon Ladoux



Waar dient de collecte voor


From the beginning, Adventice has not been conceived as a usual magazine,

rather it is specialized publication dealing with cultural and artistic themes.

It will therefore be distributed in a few selective librairies in Europe

and online.


We are planning to publish Adventice 01 — The Whithe Campion,

in 1000 copies. The release should be on June 19th 2012. ✈


We would like to thank all the participants who have generously given their

time and creativity free of charge. We are happy to have been able to work

with such inspiring and participative people. We could not have made this

project possible without their help.


The publication is already 80% realized.The next steps to complete the

production are the printing and the finishing. We need 7000 € in order to

finance Adventice as an object:


5000 € — Printing and shaping

2000 € — Other costs [contributors' travel cost, iconography, photoshoot material, text, translation, copyrights, etc.]


We are glad to have reached the stage of production, and we need

your help to make it happen. If this publication exists in print, it will enable us

to generate various cultural projects linked to our project. In fact, some

exhibitions and events are already planned. For all this to happen we need

to publish Adventice 01.


Being able to publish the first issue, will allow us to continue this project,

and to publish the following issues of Adventice.


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