Africa loves her sisters

From Apartheid to the opening of marriage to all couples: portraits of men and women. Let's help victims of corrective rape

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Africa loves her sisters


This project is supported by the AFAS (Association of African Women Solidarity)


My plan is to go to Soweto and Cape Town meeting of men and women involved in LGBT issues.  



The book portray the reality of these people whatever their social origin:

I parcourerai including:  

- The following 10 townships:   Worcester, Paarl, Gugulethu, Nyanga, Langa, Khayelitsha, Delft, Phillipi, Cross Roads, Lower cross roads  


The idea is to produce a series of portraits that will: - In several exhibitions: the first takes place in the city of Strasbourg, where the European Court of Human Rights seat. - The creation of a book of photographs with a first printing of 100 copies.  


For each copy sold, 4 euros will be donated to the Association Luleki Sizwe located in Cape Town.

The main mission of this association is to fight against rape called "patches".


Learn more:  


In 2006, South Africa was the fourth country in the world to open up marriage to all couples. Several homophobic acts were however identified: including rape or the murder of homosexuals. 


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Waar dient de collecte voor


The collection will in part:  


- Finance a plane ticket A / R Strasbourg Cape

 - Support graphics (layout) of the book.

- Finance the printing of the first 100 copies of a book entitled "Africa Loves soeurelles"  


Travel expenses within the country and accommodation will be in my care.  


The Association of African Women Solidarity supports this project, the association has more than 60 women's organizations. She received the prize in 2010 for his work in POWEO Kiwu (Congo)

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a big thank you and your name will appear on the book among the generous contributors
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An invitation to one of the openings in France (Paris - Strasbourg) with an autographed postcard.
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An autographed copy of the book available (128 inside).
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An autographed copy of the book available (128 inside), an invitation to one of the opening and a surprise
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An invitation to the opening, one of the original exposed portraits accompanied by a dedication and your name mentioned among the generous donors.
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