Africa loves her sisters

From Apartheid to the opening of marriage to all couples: portraits of men and women. Let's help victims of corrective rape

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Africa loves her sisters

<p>  </p> <p> This project is supported by the AFAS (Association of African Women Solidarity)</p> <p>  </p> <p> <strong>My plan is to go to Soweto and Cape Town meeting of men and women involved in LGBT issues</strong>.  </p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p> The book portray the reality of these people whatever their social origin:</p> <p> I parcourerai including:  </p> <p> - The following 10 townships:   Worcester, Paarl, Gugulethu, Nyanga, Langa, Khayelitsha, Delft, Phillipi, Cross Roads, Lower cross roads  </p> <p>  </p> <p> The idea is to produce a series of portraits that will: - In several exhibitions: the first takes place in the city of Strasbourg, where the European Court of Human Rights seat. - The creation of a book of photographs with a first printing of 100 copies.  </p> <p>  </p> <p> For each copy sold, 4 euros will be donated to the Association Luleki Sizwe located in Cape Town.</p> <p> The main mission of this association is to fight against rape called "patches".</p> <p>  </p> <p> <strong>Learn more:   </strong></p> <p>  </p> <p> In 2006, South Africa was the fourth country in the world to open up marriage to all couples. Several homophobic acts were however identified: including rape or the murder of homosexuals. </p> <p>  </p> <p> <strong>Support our FB page:</strong>  </p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p>

Allocation of funds

<p>  </p> <p> The collection will in part:  </p> <p>  </p> <p> - Finance a plane ticket A / R Strasbourg Cape</p> <p>  - Support graphics (layout) of the book.</p> <p> - Finance the printing of the first 100 copies of a book entitled "Africa Loves soeurelles"  </p> <p>  </p> <p> Travel expenses within the country and accommodation will be in my care.  </p> <p>  </p> <p> The Association of African Women Solidarity supports this project, the association has more than 60 women's organizations. She received the prize in 2010 for his work in POWEO Kiwu (Congo)</p>



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