Afyda Antara, la mode à caractère unique

You like fashion, originality, quality, exclusivity and savoir-faire. So help us develop our fashion house Afyda Antara.

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Afyda Antara, la mode à caractère unique

At our time of globalization and mass-market retail, we are more and more looking for quality clothes, original and exclusive marked with a strong identity because distance oneself is to be remarkable.



Who is Afyda Antara?




Afyda Antara is inspired by his history his French origins Tuareg and Asian as well as everything that surrounds her.

Born in France, she grew up with her ​​passions for fashion and literature. She reveals a very early taste and sensitivity to the harmony of colors and materials. His career in the fashion world starts by working as a stylist with various fashion houses in Italy Gucci, Prada, Elisabetta Franchi...But the desire to assert with its own style is more and more present, it was then that her brand appears and bears her name Afyda Antara.




"Fashion is an art, art is a creation, creation is an inspiration, inspiration is a blast of idea, the idea is a thought, thought is an illusion, illusion is a dream."

Afyda Antara



The house Afyda Antara is a French brand established in February 2012 specialized in ready to wear design and upscale accessories with a single character.

We propose clothing avant-garde to men and women made ​​with the finest materials, the studied cuts and attention to detail showcasing the silhouettes of our customers.



Waar dient de collecte voor

We solicit you Today for brand development Afyda Antara Unit the line of ready to wear and upscale accessories currently in showroom in Paris, London and New York.

This first collection Autumn / Winter 2014/15 of 25 models is made up of coats, jackets, pants, dresses, shirts, skirts...It goes on sale in upscale boutiques worldwide and on our website.

To give you an idea of ​​the collection here are some photos:



Thanks to your support we can present Autumn/Winter collection 2014/15 and the pre-collection Spring/Summer 2015 in the "Luxury China" in Beijing from 4th to 6th July 2014. This exhibition dedicated to luxury invited us as a new French luxury promising brand.


This opportunity will open us the doors of the Asian market and will be an excellent showcase in the world of luxury. This Pre-collection as the last will be manufactured in France and made ​​with quality materials such as leather, denim, silk, chiffon, satin ... for impeccable quality.


A first series of models of Autumn / Winter 2014/15 collection will be available on our website in July 2014.


The funds collected will be used in the development and decoration of the stand as well as various communication media for visitors and professionals in the sector during the luxury exhibition in China.


We close to a great success, you are the only one missing for its completion! So be precursors being partners in the first development project of a fashion house. We thank all our future contributors and those who support our project!



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