Aidez à créer le clip de Jelila !

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Aidez à créer le clip de Jelila !

Hello beautiful soul,

I am Jelila, a singer song-writer and a troubadour traveling the world in the quest of identity as a human being connected to other human beings in a world that is very challenging...


I am in love with life and humanity because I feel deep inside (and beyond the limitations of the conscious mind) that we are so much more than what we think we are, and I am willing to help awaken this hidden magic that every soul holds inside. Starting with me...

This music videoclip project is a tool to remind us the importance of re-appropriation of our individual and collective power within unity facing a system that does control, separate and make alternatives difficult to realize despite the need of positive change that we and the next generations deserve. If dividing leads to reigning with more ease, then uniting is the only solution to change reality and if fear is the tool used to divide then love, humor and trust are the only antidotes.


My dance studies enable me to explore through the movement the extent of the body language to express the messages of this particular song. I work with my friend and choreographer Marie Alexis  


for the realization of this project and we intend to call on participants of all ages to represent this needed unity.


According to Blaise Pascal,

"Multitude that does not reduce to unity is confusion; Unity that does not depend on multitude is tyranny"... What if multitude would meet with it's unity?

To listen and read the song lyrics, click here !!!

Waar dient de collecte voor

I am a lucky person because all the persons that will participate to the videoclip will do it fo free. This will take place between the 20 et 22 oct.

It' s me , Jelila Bouraoui that will receive the integrality of this fund-raising.

This fund-raising is aimed to pay the editing costs of the videoclip.

But beyond the material aspect of this request, it enables to make an independent artist project possible with the support of people that share the importance of optimism, trust and hope for a better world.

If I get more money than asked I will be able to refund my travel costs between Paris and Zurich ( I live in Paris and the clip is in Zurich and I planned 2 trips) and will help me finance the catering for the rehearsal & shooting days...


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