Take part in the release of TWO THE WEST first album and the promotional EP. Receive the CDs and lots of surprises before the official release !


Het project van A tot Z

TWO THE WEST, rock band, wishes to release an EP (4 tracks) in early 2013, followed by an LP (10 tracks) a few months later. Here are three advanced mixes, 3 songs featuring on the EP, including the last recorded title (unavailable on our web pages), Things change  :



At the origin of  TWO THE WEST project, a few months of creativity in high spririts in a recording studio, with many guests (including Raoul from the French rock band La Maison Tellier). The first songs and the sound of the band are born. Lionel and Fred then form a family of musicians to play and develop the songs on stage (Florent,  Fred J., Yannick...).

After a series of concerts in Paris and regular visits to the studio to refine the sound of TWO THE WEST, the time has come for the band to release the songs... under the best possible circumstances.

The idea is to release an EP first (4 tracks) to draw the media's attention, then to release an LP (10 tracks) ! We are about to sign with a distributor (CODAEX DISTRIBUTION). To promote the discs, we need a press agent for at least a four-month period. Thanks to this work, we should be played on the radio, get some critics in the press...



Hier dient het geld voor...

- 2500 = album cover design & EP + LP  pressing

- 4500 = paying a press agent


Roughly, we need a bit more than 7000 euros to release the music under the best circumstances, including the required promotion for the release of a first album.


Every cent collected above 4000 will be reinvested into the project. If necessary, the band will find the sum needed to achieve the project.


If – miraculously – the money collected exceeded 7000 on the website, the extra money would be reinvested in the making of a video clip.

Two the West

Two the West is a musical road trip... Now playing acoustic intimist songs, now playing an extrovert and breathless rock, Two the West balances somewhere between rock realism and psychedelic American western ballads. Listening to the voice, one may hear both the strength and softness of Morrisson, Ferry, Gabriel and for the atmosphere, one may imagine an... Meer bekijken

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ca y est les mecs joyeux noel et bravo Erik.
ca y est les mecs joyeux noel et bravo Erik.
Salut les gars, depuis le temps ... content de vous de vous donner un ptit coup de pouce , on y croit .... A bientôt