Aidez-nous à réaliser notre projet aux États-Unis, pour une exposition avec films et photographies.

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           We plan to make a trip though the United States. We would like to immerse ourselves in the center of American culture, and meet the population of one of the most coveted continents in the world.

Who are they? What relationship do they have with the consumer society?

The goal of this experience is to create an artistic project in the form of an exhibition combining photos and films, which reflects our journey across the country.


Between kitsch and synthetic, the American dream has engendered a new world where manners, history and culture have been reinvented and adapted to lovers of artificiality. After the re-appropriation of primary values and the restructuring of their priorities, the dreamers of the twenty-first century sacrifice their lifestyle to promote their own marginalization.


What is this new ideology? In how many forms can it be declined? The creation of a new universe makes for itself generate the desire to belong to a group. Thus, the sharing of a common ideal and the vital need to be recognized becomes essential to finding a place in society. Thus, the sharing of a common ideal and the vital need to be recognized becomes essential to finding a place in society.


How far can dreamers go in this new society where everything is possible?



We hope that we will realize our dream and discover all this thanks to you. We hope that this project will become real and concrete. And we will be happy to make you travel with us. This promises so many surprises and adventures...




                    Documentaire «Bodybuilder» 2016, Florine Hamard.




              Diptyque tiré de la série «Venus & Apollon» 2016, Manon Boyer.



This project is very important to us, we have been thinking about it for 2 years. The realization this year would be a great step for us, in our lives as artists but also for our personal fulfillment. We really hope we can do it with your help. This work is our first great artistic project, which represents a lot in our career as young artists. The United States really makes us dream, there are a lot of universes there that we look forward to discovering and sharing with you!


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You will have the opportunity to comment on all our explorations of the West Coast! We will post live photos and videos of lot of interesting things :). Hopefully you will follow us with as much enthusiasm as we have to share this project with us.



         Who are we ?


We are two young artists who have graduated from art schools and we have been working together since the beginning of our studies. We keep a personal practice on our own.



Manon Boyer :


     I began studying photography at the fine art school of Marseille during three years. (National Diploma of Plastic Art).  Then I went to London (with Florine) for 6 months to work with a London photographer. After I joined the ENSP (National School of Photography in Arles). I am currently in the second year. The realization of this project will be used to present my diploma at the end of next year.



Florine Hamard :


In first, I spend three years in the fin art school of marseille (National Diploma of Plastic Art). During my fourth year I did an ERASMUS in London (with Manon) where I worked with a video artist and photographer. Then on my return I passed my DNSEP (National Diploma of plastic expression) with the writing of a memoir on the Kitsch. I am now a self-entrepreneur videographer since the end of my studies last year.







We created our own artistic world, with important questions about the body and artificiality. We have already realized many art projects in the discovery of universes that were totally unknown to us, such as Doll Reborns, Bodybuilders or even Wrestlers.


The notion of Kitsch is revealed by the color which is an important and necessary dimension in our work, it accompanies and complements the subjects that are approached and highlight them.


In no case do we pass judgment (positive or negative) on the people who open their doors to us. The basis of our work is to meet and the discover people.







       Photographie tirée de la série «Comédia dell' arte» 2016, Manon Boyer.



                Documentaire «Les maitres du ring» 2016, Florine Hamard.







                                            Our Itinerary






             At first we will base ourselves in Los Angeles, the cradle of the West Coast, a city unavoidable of California. We plan to travel around cities such as San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, Santa Barbara, Malibu ... Our tour is expected to last 2 months (July - August).  We will travel with a rental car to transport all our equipment.

We also we planned to discover Nevada and Texas. We want to tour the consumers’ cities like Las Vegas or Houston.





We have already targeted many universes to discover like:


- Food Contests

- Dog Grooming Contests

- Contests of Mini-Miss

- The Cinderella Contests

- Cosplay Contests

- The tunning


And many more surprises...



                documentary film  «Reborn World» 2015, Florine Hamard.





         photograph «Reborns Babies» 2014-2015, Manon Boyer.





                                          Restitution of the project


The restitution of the project will be an exhibition bringing together all our work in usa. This exhibition will be composed of films as well as photographic images. The two practices will work together, the project is common.








                Many thanks to all for your interest and support.

                 Manon and Florine.


Waar dient de collecte voor

The collection will serve to support our needs during the 2 months spent there. For accommodation, food, transport and airline tickets. The counterparties will first be transferred to my account (Manon Boyer) and then we will transfer it to a common account before departure.



- Accommodation :

2500 euros (625 euros for a single person, 1250 euros for two per month)


- Transport :

1800 euros (includes car rental and gasoline)


- Flight tickets :

About 1500 euros (700 to 800 euros per person / return)


- Food :

1000 euros (250 euros per month and per person)


- Contest :

200euros (that is to say the entries to the events necessary for the project)



Total :

7,000 €







If we exceed the money requested, it will be used to provide us with material for the project, we will also be able to see more things on site and multiply the projects.

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