An American Cello in Paris

Help create a new piece for cello and piano!

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An American Cello in Paris

Suite no. 3 for Cello and Piano will be a new instrumental work written by Eric Tinkerhess, which will have its premiere at the concert hall Salle Cortot in the series Freshly Composed, organized by the Chamber Music Center of Paris.


Performed by Madoka Fukami – laureate of the 2015 Long Thibaud Competition – and the composer at the cello, suite no. 3 will be an adventure through American folk and jazz music as well as the classical music in which the composer has his formal training.


In combining the spontaneous style of his native country with the improvisatory tradition of French baroque music, Tinkerhess will pay homage to musicians of different time periods in a single work, unique in the repertoire for cello and piano.



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Writing music is a difficult task that requires ample time and peace of mind to concentrate one’s efforts into a timeless product. There is also work to be done after the piece has been composed – to learn how to play the piece, at first individually and then together as a duo.


With their busy schedules of concerts, studies, and teaching, Eric and Madoka are enthusiastic but lack financial aid to allocate time for this project. Your support for a total of 1,250 euros will cover the costs of:

- music notation software (150)

- a sound engineer to record Suite no. 3 (300)

- a videographer to create a film of Suite no. 3 (300)

- the remuneration of Madoka Fukami (500)


In addition, Suite no. 3 will have its premiere at Salle Cortot, but hopefully it will be played many times afterwards by Eric, Madoka, and possibly other musicians, as part of the repertoire for cello and piano. In this way your gift will not be for a one-time occasion, but for concerts and musicians of the future as well.


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