An Tri DipoP [1er ALBUM]

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An Tri DipoP [1er ALBUM]

After a few years of concerts and working on their music, the band An Tri DipoP will record their first album this autumn in the ALTSONIK studios and with the help of a young record label, RIDE ON MUSIC.

The album will be released in february 2015.



Anjela Lorho-Pasco: Voice

Tristan Le Breton: Acoustic guitar

Brian Ruellan: Trumpet

Dylan James: Double-bass


Clément Lemennicier: sound engineer


It's been a few years now for the band in the making of a traditional dance-music repertoire from Brittany, adding an original take with multiple influences, their music maturing over the years. After winning the LOÏC RAISON TROPHY 2014 this summer in the Festival Interceltique in Lorient, it is now a new step for the quartet, with bookings at the big YAOUANK festival in Rennes this coming november and more to come for 2015...


The recording of this first album will present 12 to 13 tracks from their repertoire played in fest-noz, a popular form of traditional dance events in Brittany.

It will enable the quartet to fully present their musical influences, with some special guests: a string trio (Juliette Divry, Jonathan Dour, Floriane Le Pottier) and a long-time friend on the harp (Mael Lhopiteau).


You can discover our music and follow us on soundcloud, facebook and youtube.




The recording will take place from the 22nd to the 27th of september in the ALTSONIK studios, in which many of the record labels' first albums were recorded. The band will work with a sound engineer from the pop/rock and jazz world, Clément Lemennicier. He will bring artistic feedback during the recording, and help the band adapt its musical language for the recording.




The RIDE ON MUSIC record label will be in charge of distributing the album in the regional Coop-Breizh network and digitally on their own website.





An. ("the" in breton language) The beginning, the voice...


The voice, the pillar of the band, is Anjela Lorho-Pasco (Lieskan Kreiz Breizh Akademi#4, Madec/Lorho-Pasco, Barba Loutig, Diaoulezed...) who has been singing since her childhood with her sisters, her mum, her neighbours, her family, and now on the main stages of the folk and world music scene.


Tri, ("Three" in breton language) blend of an instrumental trio with a pop/folk trio for fest-noz dancing...


Together with her first accompanist in the band, Tristan Le Breton, Anjela wins the duo contest at the Monterfil traditional music festival in 2009, the beginning of an original line-up based on a duo with a touch of folk-song. Quickly they invite Dylan James on double-bass, who like them was brought up to the sounds and rythms of breton tradition, and with whom Tristan forms a duo since their teenage years.


They win other contests in the traditional music circuit (Yaouank trophy in 2009, the Bogue d'Or in 2011 that rewards the accompaniment of traditional singing), and very quickly add the trumpet to answer Anjela's voice for the first years in fest-noz. Since 2013 it is Brian Ruellan who raises the voice of his instrument for the quartet, trained in jazz - he has his own sextet - but also passionate about breton culture, himself the brother of a traditional musician.

Together they seek to develop a refined and rooted sound, supporting the stories told by a formidable traditional singer, for dancing and for the pleasure of the ear.




Di (a reference to French "dit", to say)


The band is inspired by the stories in traditional songs, indeed the repertoire of this first album is essentially composed of traditional songs from the Vannes and Morbihan areas in Brittany, mixing traditional breton repertoire with local-french repertoire. Some melodies are well known here in Brittany, a fondness of the band to take on well-known, what we consider as eternal hits!

Other tunes include a composition based on a writing by famous french poet Jacques Prévert, and adaptations of traditional "gwerz" or "complaintes" songs, which are traditionally sung solo, into arranged songs sung in rhythm for traditional dancing.


Pop, for the people we borrowed these songs from, and who we will continue to accompany dancing and singing, following the sound of our own pop music, pop for U, "Pop-U-lar"!

People's music, returning, step by step, to the sound of the voice, the beginning of it all, an ongoing circle dance..



Waar dient de collecte voor

This album is self produced, so we need your support!


Your support will contribute to the making of this album entirely, and help us reach the necessary finances to make it all possible!

The budget is the following:

3100€ - Recording at Altsonik studios with Clément Lemennicier

500€ - Mastering

248€ - Kiss-Kiss Bank-Bank financial participation

400€ - other production spendings (food and travel expenses...)

1830€ - making of 1000 copies and booklets

400€ - legal costs for producing music in France

400€ - Communication costs

TOTAL: 6878€



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