Animal Paris - Wear more than just clothes!

Wear more than just clothes!

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Animal Paris - Wear more than just clothes!


Several problems in our way to consume and especially in fashion 👕 Labels not clear, unnecessary overpackaging, impersonal products manufactured in large quantities. A lot of defects and losses due to fast fashion, underpaid employees and unsustainable working conditions.



From the Latin animalis : animated, lively

A living creature that feeds on organic substances, has sensitivity and is capable of movement.

Animal Paris in few words: 

Collections inspired by animal and plant nature. Stylish with high quality embroideries, created, designed, and embroidered in France. 🇫🇷

Organic cotton: 

Organic cotton is good, but not enough ! That’s why our dyes are guaranteed free of chemical product and heavy metals. Organic farming also prevents our farmers from having diseases such as cancer due to toxic products, pesticides... sprayed on the land. It's good for us, for them, and for the planet 😌


With better qualities, embroidery allows the clothes sustainability than prints and silkscreens. That’s why we design our own embroideries and make them in France, with love.


It was important for us to offer high quality organic cotton, to be sure that employees have decent working conditions, that manufactures recycle all waste fabric and of course to protect animals.

180 gr/m2 cotton:

They never inform you about it, but this is an important fact because it guarantees the fit of your t-shirt, its durability and quality. Very few are brands that offer such a weight, because more durable = unprofitable. All our t-shirts have a minimum weight of 180gr and our hoodies of 350gr.

Environmental impact:

A t-shirt travels around 48,000 km before arriving in your closet, at animal paris, we guarantee that our clothes do not exceed the 9,500 km.

Size guide in cm: 


Who am I?:

That's it, here I am, let’s start, following many consideration, I'm taking advantage of my designer and fashion sales advisor experiences, my inspiration and my beliefs to start my project which is so dear to me for a long time !

Designer autodidact since my 14’s, I have always wanted to create, innovate and live by my passions. My project was born from my personal experiences, from my sightings and what I have learned over the years. Whether in design or ready-to-wear, both of my job allowed this balance.

Nowadays, I notice several issues about our way to consume, especially in fashion ; Unclear labels, overwrapping, impersonal products, too large quantities manufactured, many defects and losses. Now self-employed, I am able to achieve my dream, and your help would be pleased to me. A different way of thinking and dressing, for us, our future and our planet.

Waar dient de collecte voor

What will your contributions be used for ?

The first 200 pre-orders will allow us to help us finance:

  • Embroidery and sewing machine 1 color (1800€)
  • Trademark registration (210€)
  • Commodity (2000€ minimum)
  • Software for embroidery file creation (transformation of my designs into embroidery file) (1500€)
  • Packaging (250€ minimum for 300 boxes)
  • Website (1000€ minimum per year)
  • Miscellaneous embroidery items (60 thread colours, cutting material, non-woven, needles...) (180€ minimum)
  • Fabric label (220 € the 1000)

Minimum total of about 7000€

I would love that my project will be built on the strength of participatory financing, because this is for you and our future that we want to achieve it. It was obvious for us to go through kisskissbankbank.


Any question ? Write us at !

Or through our instagram page @animalparis, Maxime and I will be happy to answer your questions.

Let's build together a brand that thinks differently for you, for the planet.

20% off for life ! for any contribution

Because you helped us, because it makes sense to us, because you deserve it, because you trust us, we want to give it back to you as it should be.

That's why, for each contribution, as long as the project reaches its target of 200 pre-orders, a privilege card will be sent to you and you will enjoy 20% off for life on our website.

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