, l'idée d'un réseau social 100% libre et indépendant

Facebook is killing your privacy, Anonybook would changes things!

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Facebook has murdered privacy. Facebook's passive sharing change how we live our lives. More and more, the things we do in real life will end up as Facebook posts. And while we may be consoled by the fact that most of this stuff is being posted just to our friends, it should be like this but... Actualy facebook is tracking all your life and keep it on big database.


Why ? There's no clear reason, and as we are not sheeps we should not accept this!  So the idea came to make a new user friendly social network as they do, but with one exeption. User's private life will never be tracked. User's data are their own data and we will keep independant to ensure this.


We also all experienced as anon that Facebook is censoring us by putting us in "jail" as we call it. Anonybook will be a place where no censoring could exists. 


Facebook is a great website for connecting with people. We are aware about it and thats why we tried to have the same option and the same way to share with people in your life, and it looks actualy great. It's gonna be a "facebook like" but with privacy..


There is a first preview of our project.




Our only guideline will be 


We will never sell or share your information to third parties, private or government included. We will never track what you say, what you like. We will never scan your pictures and keep tons of databases about your life or you way of life



Waar dient de collecte voor

For the time we spent on the project we do not need any money. We only need money to rent our own private server to ensure a total control on our system. We also need a high bandwidth and that cost money. The costs are about 750€/month. 


We planned to monetize the project to keep it alive with some discret advertising (handled only by us of course). So we think (we hope) after two or three months the project could be self paid.  But we need your help for the two first months. We need to go directly big with servers and bandwidth as we really need to have our own material under control.


You can give 1 , 2 , 10 or even 100€ and you will get non-advertised accounts for you and your family or friends.  If only 1500 people give us 1€ our project can start, we think we can easily plan that it will start soon. We all begin to understand that our privacy is completely out of control. Things need to change and quickly! Your private life is yours and only yours.






1500€ is not that difficult i hope, it's just like 750 people who give 2€, it's not very expensive to get a new way of communication completely private. I mean our privacy is getting away faster, we have to act now! What do you think  ? 




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