Antoine Boyer - TANGRAM Project - Feat. Yeore Kim

Help financing the creation of TANGRAM - Antoine Boyer & Yeore Kim's new project !

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Antoine Boyer - TANGRAM Project - Feat. Yeore Kim


The project in a nutshell

TANGRAM is a 7 musicians group created by the French guitarist Antoine Boyer and the Korean harmonica player Yeore Kim. Together they explore new musical horizons... A modern collaboration between jazz and classical music, guitar and harmonica, in quartet with drum & basse and septet with brass section.

The project is in process of creation, this campaign will help financing the recording of the album which will happen in September 2020.


History of the project


Everything started 2 years ago when I met the harmonica player Yeore Kim in a festival in Taiwan. Right away we got along very well and we decided to play in duet.

At the same time we wanted to create a group that would be bigger, opening the possibilities and allowing us the to share more of our musical universe. We composed and arranged the main part of the music last spring. Very quickly we organised a residence with all the musicians, and it's working !  The quartet and the septet are working really well, on the human side as well as the music side. We now have to record the album on September 18th 2020 and organise the release on March 5th 2021. The release concert will follow in March 2021.


The next goals

Our current goal is the album recording !

We want it to be entirely filmed in live so that it can be fully available in live videos. You will then be able to enjoy the sound of the album together with the image. This comes at a price but the visual side is very important to us and we want the energy to feel really "live", in the music as well as in the video.

The following human beings are involved in the project :

William Brunard (double basse)

Jonathan Gomis (drums)

Jean-Louis Pommier (trombone)

Geoffroy Tamisier (trumpet)

Matthieu Donarier (saxophone/clarinet)

Julien Taillefer (recording & mixing)

Benoit et Manon Lebrun (organisation)

Viavox Productions (booking agent)

A very big thank you to them who invest so much time and energy in the adventure !



The role of the contributors and the rewards


From my beginnings I self produced my albums. They were mostly duet projects (with my father first and then with the guitarist Samuelito), so the financial contributions were rather small. But this time there is a team of 15 personnes working together on the project, so the budget in really more substantial. That's why I call for your energy, generosity, your passion for music to help us make this project happen in the best way. In reward we offer the album in CD and digital format, tickets for TANGRAM Project's concerts, guitar lessons by myself and also home concerts with Yeore Kim !


Waar dient de collecte voor

The money will be carefully used to finance the album. Paying the musicians, the place of rehearsals, the recording studio, the live video shooting, the mix, the mastering, the design, the SDRM (taxes for music rights), the making of the physical CD, press officer, and the Kisskissbankbank commission (8% of the total received).

The album should cost about 15000 euros. But if we can reach 8000 it will be already a very good start.





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