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Art wink aims to combine art and technology to promote exclusively artworks of art school students to introduced people, curious, amateurs ... Between pedagogy and innovations, Art wink is positioned as an innovative platform wishing to democratize and convey a young and dynamic image of today talents, artists of tomorrow.

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Art wink

<p> Art wink is an online platform which aims to promote artworks of art school students to introduced people, curious amateurs ...</p> <p> This idea came from the fact that art, despite its constant willingness to be open to as many still remains a closed environment where young people are struggling to penetrate, grow and especially to live.</p> <p> Frist, we are mainly interested in sculpture, painting, sketches, photographs, small sculptures, models ...</p> <p> In a second step, we will turn to schools of audio-video and as well digital art.</p> <p> The idea of ​​Art wink is to combine pedagogy and E-commerce to enable talented students to propose on our platform their works in order to confront them with a complex market before they start their profesional life.</p> <p>  </p> <p> A number of tools and technologies will be made available to the student in order to give value to its experience and give him more chances of meeting a buyer.</p> <p> These innovations will also serve buyers in providing a great and safe shopping experience. Among other features, we are developping a module of augmented reality which will allow the buyer through 3D, to view the artwork in its habitat.</p> <p>  </p> <p> But back on pedagogy. Art wink it's also a strong willpower to push students through focusing on its profil and work made on its artwork. We also give the possibility to the student to use its knowledges in making a partnership for writting articles. The student can also open a blog through our website in order to build its online identity and communicate on its work.</p> <p> In few months, Art wink will develop some new services to stimulate interaction between students and buyers.</p> <p>  </p> <p> If you want more details about the project or if you are interested in a collaboration, feel free to contact us:</p>

Allocation of funds

<p> The money you give us will be first used to supplement the funding of the website and the server. But also to make a small advertising campaign via paper media and traded spaces on certain influential websites.</p> <p>  </p> <p> The budget in detail:</p> <p> - Template and graphics: 700euros</p> <p> This amount will allow us to create a suitable graphic for our project through Prestashop.</p> <p> - Development: 1000 euros</p> <p> This amount will enable us to develop the technical side of the site.</p> <p> - Hosting and domain name: 350euros</p> <p> This amount will allow us to host the site during a year.</p> <p> - Communication: 350euros</p> <p> This amount will be used to highlight the students artworks and the site when we will launch the project.</p>



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An artwork selected by us from one of our student partners.


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