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Athens Artlife - Later is too late - A journey into the Greek soul of 2017 through his artistic scene.

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Athens Artlife

Athens Artlife - Documentary





The 2000's have been to Greece what the 60's were to Northwestern Europe. An era defined by strong growth & debt-financed consumption. Unsustainable. Doom to fail. We've all read that Greece suffered a huge blow from the economic crisis. But did you know that Athens is also very much alive? With very little money, art and culture flourished in the capital. So much so that it attracted many artists from around the world, spawning a creative exodus in the country. 



Monastiraki, Central Athens - Acropolis in the Background


This dynamic was noticed by the artistic community and brought forth in the  fourteenth edition of one of the world's most ambitious contemporary art exhibitions: documenta. In 2017, for the first time in its history, the German quinquennial was split between Germany and Greece, between Kassel its main location, and Athens.



documenta 14 - EMST Syngrou Fix -


Over the course of 4 months, from exhibitions and events to encounters and friendships, we have permeated Athens' artistic ecosystem to see this shift in dynamics and surge of creative energy. How to explain this dynamic? By understanding its causes.



Cantina Social - Psyri, Athens 


From the social, political, economical, cultural and historical standpoints, this immersion has given us a certain picture of ​​Greece's soul and identity. This creative effervescence cannot be understood without understanding Greece first.


Athens Artlife is a journey into the Greek soul of 2017 through its artistic scene.



Eternal Greece, the donkey dude, Hydra Island


Genesis /// Meeting a superstar


A chance, an evening, an encounter, a woman. Ingeborg Beugel. Dutch journalist, war reporter, a cigarette in one hand, glass of wine in the other, we discuss. A family friend, she tells us about Greece, the new life of Athens, the art scene, the influx of international artists, documenta.


She has some perspective. She's been living in Greece for 30 years.  She was married to the right-hand man of singer, actress and former Greek minister of culture Melina Mercouri. She knows the Athenian art scene. She is fascinating, we love her, she invites us to Athens to see for ourselves. 


Fascinated by the thought that "less money means more art" we start our research. The New York Times, the BBC, the Guardian, le Monde, they all write about Athens and its new dynamics in arts and culture at large. Searching for a documentary on the subject, we cannot find one. The idea of ​making our own emerges. After 2 months of research, prep and the launch of the non-profit Odyssée Production, we fly to Athens in April 2017.



Synopsis & Intention


Life, energy, wisdom and beauty can arise from the worst moment of crisis, doubt and hardship. Athens Artlife is a journey into the contemporary Greek soul through its artistic scene in Spring and Summer of 2017.


Athens Artlife aims at exposing the links between the thriving local art scene and the unshakeable Greek identity through and in spite of national challenges.


Athens Artlife aims at showcasing and promoting the city's artistic soul and new dynamics.


Athens Artlife wishes to support Greek artists by giving them visibility.



Artists & interviewed



The Team 


Arthur De Poortere 


Director, scriptwriter, journalist/interviewer, 1st camera, copy-writer & AD for communication, and directed the editing of the trailer.


He dreams of being creative, he is passionate about everything defined as artistic or cultural, except "performances" (he is not sufficiently educated to grasp their depth) and Greek Rebetiko (quite sadly).



Alexandre Meeùs


Director, scriptwriter, journalist/interviewer, researcher/interview preparation, 1st camera assistant, academic editor.


He is passionate about journalism, politics and contemporary history. He wants to work in the cultural field at European and international level (UN, EU, NGO...). He's fascinated by Greece and the Mediterranée.ùs-23a5b63a/ 

blog :



Project Guides


Ingeborg Beugel - Journalistic Guide


Crazy superstar Dutch journalist & documentarist, Inge has been supervising our project. She actively helped in setting up the frame of our research as well as developing an angle.


Her wikipedia page:



Isidora Charbila - Cinematography Guide


Greek director, cinematographer and film editor based between Athens and Edinburgh. Crazy Isi taught us the basics of cinematography and was our second camera for the interviews. 


Her work here:



Artists / Casting


Blind Adam /// Thanos Kyriakides - Artist
Former fashion editor, his visual impairment challenged him to move towards art. His work:


Cacao Rocks - Painter & Street Artist
Both in galleries & streets. His artsy profile:



Panos Charalambous - Artist, Dean, Painter, Performer
Dean of the Athens School of Fine Arts & documenta exhibited Artist. His work:


Elli Tringou - Award winning actress
Played the supporting actress role in "Suntan", greek movie internationally primed.


Niki Vakali - Rising Actress
Played in the Hollywood movie "Worlds Apart" starring J.K. Simmons.



Dreyk the Pirate - Street Artist & Illustrator



Maria Mavropoulou – Visual Artist
Studied Fine Arts, chose photography as her main medium. Member of Depression Era Collective, which artistically documents the impact of the crisis on Greece. &



Fikos -  Iconographer, Painter, Muralist, Street Artist
He applies byzantine technique & Orthodox graphic Identity to contemporary movements such as street art. Unique.


ArtancNota Kalagia & Sofia Theofilaktidis
Pop Up International Art Exhibitions, Founder & Curator.



Bengoa Blindstitch - DJ, House Producer & Label Founder
Prominent night life actor, toured all around the world with the great Kevin Yost.
His music:



Augustus Veinoglou – Snehta Residency
Artist, Painter, Sculptor, Installations, Augustus is also the founding director of Snehta Residency.


Σtella /// Stella Chronopoulou – Indie Pop Singer
Studied fine arts, worked as an editor for an art magazine, ended up in music.


Benji Montero - Cartoonist & Band Leader
Friend with the Tame Impala crew, the Australian artist Montero moved from NYC to Athens.


Daphne Stergides - Sculptor & Painter
Artist based between NYC & Athens.


Konstantinos Ladianos - Painter & Iconographer


Dida Dourida - Communitism
Founder, project director & curator for communitism, a collective that brings life to a neoclassical building and its surrounding neighbourhood by organising art events & exhibitions.


Christina Mercuriadi - European Parliament & Policy Advisor on Culture


Stefania Strouza – Artist, Sculptor & Installations


Fotiz Ontas – Street Artist, Painter & Illustrator
Both anarchist and father.



Credited Supporters


Al. Ma., photographer, cinematographer and film editor based in Athens. She edited the trailer under Arthur's direction. Her work here:  


Panos Charalambous – Dean (doyen) of Athens school of fine Arts, documenta exhibited artist. He has been an art guide and our link with documenta 14. His profile:


Vince Vanden Bogaard – Artist's Agent based in Brussels, he has helped in the early stage in contextualizing our idea within the art world. His Instagram: viince_vb /// Little Big Art -



Ulysse Vautier – Graphic designer et cinematographer. He has created Odyssée Production's graphic identity. His work:


Louise Malfait – Public Relation for “Affordable Art Fair Brussels”, she came to Athens in the early stage of the project and kick started our communication on social media. Her profile here:



Morgan le Grelle - Sound Engineer, he is in charge of the documentary soundtrack. His work:


Constantin Didisheim - Old friend that we wanted as the camera there. We pitched him the idea at the very beginning and he quite liked it. This has been an important driver over the entire project. His work:



Arnaud de GhellinckBe Bison – Film composer, he will help for the soundtrack of the documentary. His work:



Arnaud de Kerchove - Diplomat and second at the Greek Belgian embassy, he helped us understand the social, political and economic Greek environment.



This is THE END
beautiful friends...


In advance, our stupid mustachioed smile to thank your valuable help and support <3


Arthur De Poortere & Alexandre Meeùs

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As all the footages have already been shot, the funds raised will go towards the costs of post-production (camera, editing, calibration), the cost of equipment (cameras, feet, lighting, microphones rented on site), to pay the various Greek aids (cameraman, film editors) and finally, for promotion and its festivals fees (registration costs).



Thanks for your implication, we will be able to get this film out there. You are an integral part of the project. Thanks thanks thanks!

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Unique Art Piece by artist Maria Mavropoulou - Untitled / from the '' Inner State '' series. Inkjet print on portfolio rag paper 300gr, 100cm x 100cm. More information on his work: + Art Weekend & "Mécène" Credit + 6 tickets for the Premier in Brussels or Athens + 6 tote bags + 6 t-shirts + 1 personalized thank you card + a private link to see the documentary online
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