Auster Loo & BrahmaKhyapa

Belgian and Indian musicians try to meet again to share their passion of music: please support us to make it possible!

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Auster Loo & BrahmaKhyapa




Auster Loo (Simon Leleux on drums and Lydie Thonnard on flutes) and BrahmaKhyapa (Malabika Brahma on lead vocal and Sanjay Bhattacherjee on guitar and dutara) met in July 2015, in the Ardennes countryside, during a AKDT workshop.



A lot of jamming being involved in those workshops, the musicians met on stage, not speaking much but playing a lot. From the very beginning, a connectionwas felt between these four artists who barely knew each other!


Charmed by Malabika’s incredibly deep voice and Sanjay’s flowing improvisations, Auster Loo enjoyed these interactions, while BrahmaKhyapa let themselves get carried away by Lydie’s aerial sound and the soft precision of the Simon’s strikes.


At the end of that summer in Belgium, three tracks were recorded, one with Pascale Snoeck and two with Jean-François Lejeune.



After that meeting, the two duos were animated by the desire to quickly meet again, in spite of the 7673 kilometres separating them.


Supported by the BIJ, Auster Loo organized a journey to Kolkata, to join BrahmaKyapa during the month of December 2015.


The 20 days shared together in India gave birth to a common repertoire. On the roads of Bengal, their project surprised the locals by its originality, and enchanted the music enthusiats in concert halls.


This reunion was undoubtedly the beginning of a long-term exchange between Auster Loo and BrahmaKyapa since, in addition to sharing a music they like, they discovered the roots of a deep friendship.


Auster Loo is planning to record their first album next July with Home Records.


To Lydie and Simon, it seems only natural to share this opportunity with their Indian friends. That’s why it’s important to them to have Malabika and Sanjay coming in Belgium as early as mid-June so they can perfect their repertoire, introduce it in concert halls and record it on their upcoming CD.


Hence this crowdfunding campaign, whose main goal is to make BrahmaKhyapa able to come to Belgium, by financing their plane ticket.


Home Records is convinced, now all we need is your help so we can complete this project, at the crossroads between Asia and Europe.


We thank you in advance for you support!



Waar dient de collecte voor

Your support will help us to finance Sanjay's and Malabika's plane tickets!


The round trip ticket is estimated at around 900€ per person including the charges for the transport of the instrument.


The total costs be estimated at 1800€ but we have to add 8% commission (144€).


Therefore, we need 2000€ to bring BrahmaKhyapa to Belgium!


Should we receive more money, it will be invested in the promotion of the album.



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