Australian guitarist and composer Alex Stuart new Album "Aftermath"

AFTERMATH is the 4TH album of the Australian guitarist and composer. Alex will donate 10% of funds raised to Oxfam.

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Australian guitarist and composer Alex Stuart new Album "Aftermath"

I'm really excited to be finally sharing with you my next album "Aftermath", which will be released in Autumn 2017. 


My compositions and playing are influenced by very different elements, from modern jazz to post rock, to African and Latin Grooves, to Indian and Balkan inflection. These influences come from listening to, enjoying and studying very diverse musics, and from my eclectic musical encounters in Paris, Australia and India. And also the sharing of music studios, concert halls and many rehearsals with amazing people and incredible musicians.


With 'Aftermath', I try to blend these elements by making the musical process as natural as possible and to not over intellectualise things. As I go on as a musician, I’d like to deepen this idea of non genre specific music which unifies different musical cultures.'





I am an Australian, Paris based guitarist and composer. I’m currently working on my fourth album “AFTERMATH”. 




The album features all original tracks I composed and arranged for my quintet, all of which are inspired by my life and travel experiences, amongst them through India, Europe and Asia and of course Australia.


The process of preparing and recording this new album is an extraordinary musical journey. It brings together two of my greatest inspirations... my existence as an Australian musician in Paris and my love for the natural lifestyle.


My love for the outdoors comes from Australia. I was lucky enough to grow up in it's beautiful landscapes and breathtaking ocean. My passion for music comes from its power to communicate and share what words can not.


My compositions are both urban and yet inspired by the wild expanses of nature. another important inspiration for this album is the tough turning point the world is living today, to that I oppose the evident beauty that is amongst us and around us.





I am joined on this album by my friends and some of Paris' finest musicians: Arno de Casanove on trumpet and keys, Irving Acao on tenor saxophone, Antoine Banville on drums and, Ouriel Ellert on bass.


I’ve been working with them in many different projects over the years, they have given their musicality and heart to make this project happen, and I couldn’t be happier with where we are taking the music.







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At this time, the music is all composed and ready to be played and performed. However, I still have some expenses to cover for the recording, mixing and promoting before "Aftermath" see's the light. For that, I need your support.


I am very proud of the music we’ve put together, I am certain the guys and me have something really special to offer, and I am looking forward to sharing it with you.


Please consider supporting us by pre –ordering the album "Aftermath", that will be released in Autumn 2017, or of course by taking advantage of our wonderful reward packages.  


Les dons récoltés serviront à payer une partie de la totalité du projet :


 - Recording studio, sound engineer, mixing and mastering, and of course the amazing musicians : 3800 €

- Communication and marketing costs : 1200€

- Distribution and production of rewards: 740€

- KissKissBankBank  8% fee: 560€

- 10% of funds raised will go to Oxfam: 700€


All the money will go directly to Alex stuart for production purposes for his album Aftermath. If we succeed this campaign - 10% of the total fund will go to OXFAM.


What if Alex gets more money  ?


The expenses will be definitely  higher. Alex will use the rest of the fonds for communication and publicist purposes only in France and English speaking countries, specially Australia.


------------------------DONATING TO CHARITY----------------------


'As I mentioned, one of the big influences for the writing of this album has been a feeling that we're at an uncomfortable  tipping point in the world right now despite the beauty that surrounds us. This hurts me. The world is a complex place but one of the root causes for this disarray I believe is global inequality. How to address that problem is also a complex question, although there are to me some obvious solutions.


This, my first crowdfunding campaign, I believe is an occasion to make a small and symbolic step towards lessening this global inequality and poverty.


10% of funds raised will go to Oxfam whose actions are diverse and well researched in the field. No charity is perfect but their transparency and efficiency have been highly approved.



"Music will always remain a path to unify through melody, rhythm and harmony."


Thank you very much for watching this video, thanks for checking out our project, and thank you so much for supporting us! Every little bit that you give will go a long way.


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