Back to save Psykup

The ostriches need you for the republication and the making of a new track and a new video !

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Back to save Psykup

Psykup celebrated their 20 years of existence in 2015. From the simple status of « french metal band », they earned today the status of mythical band in the alternative landscape, with 3 albums, an acoustic EP and a double DVD. Out of fashion, out of the norm, the band has always been iconoclastic, shooting clichés down with humour, coolness and determination. It marked several generations, gathering at the same table Primus and Pantera, Biohazard and Frank Zappa, Luther King and Jim Carrey.





After a noteworthy comeback on stage in 2015, they're back in 2016 with an anniversary republication of their first cult album, « Le temps de la réflexion », remastered on vinyl, digitally and on double CD (with bonus).







And the best is still to come with a brand new track and a video in october 2016 !

Waar dient de collecte voor

Psykup are the producers of this republication and of their video to come. We ask for this amont because we're gonna have to pay :


- the SDRM for the vinyl and the CD : 1600 euros

- the double vinyl + double CD digipack : 4400 euros

- CD's for promotion : 300 euros

- artwork for vinyl and CD : 1500 euros

- promo posters + press agent + adverts in magazines : 3500 euros

- mastering : 1000 euros

- recording of the new track : 1000 euros 

- video for the new track : 5000 euros


It makes more than 18000 euros. Psykup are gonna give 6000, we lack 12000 euros to reach our goal. Help us conquer the world, friends ! WE NEED YOU !


And if you bring us beyond the objective, we will be able to produce A BRAND NEW ALBUM !




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