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Balkan Trafik Application

The project in two words

The Balkan Trafik app project emerged from our desire to show you the richness of the Balkans combined with the fast-growing digitalization. On the occasion of Balkan Trafik Festival's 15th anniversary, we want to offer a mobile app with international reach to immerse yourself in the Balkans. An innovative, free of charge app with exclusive content for all art and culture lovers.

Creators and the origins of the project

We are the Balkan Trafik Festival, a multi-artistic festival where creatives from South-Western Europe meet every year with Belgian ones in the multicultural city of Brussels. This year due to the pandemic, cultural events are struggling and many of them are even cancelled but it won't be the case for us. On the contrary, we want to come stronger and that's what this project is all about! We want to develop a Balkan Trafik application for smartphones and tablets that will give access to the digitalized experience of the festival and will facilitate the communication between Western Balkans, EU and wider. And we know unity makes strength! To make this happen we need your support!

The project in details

The  goal of this project is to support the development of Balkan Trafik app and facilitate the realization of  the 15th edition of the festival.  

This app is necessary for the festival and marks the peak of our digital strategy in order to reach all audiences and make it happen. The mission of this app is to be the crossroad of communication between Western Balkans and Europe allowing maximum interconnectivity and international broadcast of our artists throughout the year.  It will give to all type of audiences access to exclusive content such as: concerts, live digital debates, documentaries, virtual tour of exhibitions with artists presenting their work, meetings and Q/A with the artists in backstage and much more.

The Balkan Trafik app is currently under development and will be launched in early April 2021. Our desire for this app is to be active not only during the festival days but throughout all the year.  As you can imagine creating an app with so many features and rich content as this one is  expensive. Let's make it happen, we need your support!

Counterparties and the role of contributors

For this app to come to life and last, we must succeed in this fundraising campaign. And we can't do it without you. We need you to participate in this campaign. In exchange you will receive counterpart gifts prepared with love and exclusively for our contributors. Some gifts are coming in a (very) limited amount, so hurry up and help us reach our goal 😉. Through most of the gifts you will be the first to enjoy special content in the app and the festival. Also, to show you how grateful we are, we will dedicate a special post in the app during the festival to thank and recognize our contributors.

Take a look, choose your gift and let’s celebrate together on 21-25 of April! Meanwhile... please share the project with your friends, family, colleagues on social media!  


Waar dient de collecte voor

The money collected through the crowdfunding will be exclusively used to cover the expenses of the application. The aim of the project is not to make a profit but to help develop the application and make it last.

By reaching the first goal of 15 000€ we will be able to cover a part of the expenses for the app. As you can imagine, there is a big team  working on this app development.

With 30 000€  we will be able to create more features in the app and enrich it properly like our fans deserve all thanks to your support. There are many functionalities which need to be developed like: the ticketing, responsive design, admin area, finalisation of the visuals, deployment and launch on Play Store and App store etc.  

With even more, we will be able to finalize all the features of the app and will be able to organize events, support the promotion of our artists and upload fresh content in the app throughout all the year.    

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