BAÖFÙ , l'Ambition a sa marque de vêtements

Help us partly finance the young French clothing brand with great ambition and bright future called BAÖFÙ. The Eye is Everywhere.

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BAÖFÙ , l'Ambition a sa marque de vêtements

The Project


BAÖFÙ has the pleasure to invite you to participate into the making of its new fifth collection. 

BAÖFÙ is a street wear clothing brand inspired from and for the HipHop fans. All collections are presented in limited edition and are created by Jimmy, a passionate young man who brilliantly graduated from a design school.


Who am I  ?


I'm a very ambitious 27 years old designer, who wants to communicate his motivation and his passion for HipHop clothing through his designs, especially in the time been with all that has been going on in the world.

Before finishing school, I decided to embrace this adventure. I'm so proud to announce to you that It's been 3 years since The Eye is rising, and I'm only hoping that the day will come when every ambitious person will get the strength to fight for her dreams just like I did. 







The concept of BAÖFÙ initially took shape in the back of a truck during a seasonal job I took 4 years ago !

In 2013,  I created two snap back models that went all SOLD OUT thanks to the help of some independent stores in Paris and Auxerre, but also thanks to the first artist who strongly believed in this brand and all its potentialities : The American rapper MAC MILLER.





Following this, new collections were manufactured and presented every  5 to 6 months, several new stores were trusting BAoFu in Le Mans, Cholet, Nantes, La Réunion and Les Sables d'Olonne, and more and more artists become fond of the brand. 












Personally, this second half of 2016 is representing the concretization of my project.



Why ? Because I made the most amazing 3 months trip to the USA in order to promote my brand overseas, I had the opportunity to meet incredible people in the textile industry and l had the chance to learn from their experience. In their point of view, my brand is amazing but I need to upgrade my clothingline.



This is why I decided to create my first KissKissBankBank because I'm aware of the fact that I can't make it without little help. By helping me through KKBB I'm sure I'll be able to promote the brand properly and share it with lots of people. 







Waar dient de collecte voor

 We're asking for your help using KKBB crowd funding in order to :


·         Develop a whole new line of clothing such as Pulls, T shirts, Bombers ...

·         enhance our visibility


The target is to raise 5000 Euros. 





You should all know that I'm investing just as much as you guys in this project so that I could always meet your expectations and give you the product you deserve. 







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