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Help to finance the first documentary transmedia on Bass Music. A journey to the heart of the music, with the peoples who compose the scene

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I am author/screenwriter of fictions, filmmaker and cameraman of documentaries as well as video-cinema speaker for workshops with young audience.


Born in Lyon, I've lived in Paris where I started as a photographer while I was studying  cinema in a school (ESRA). I worked for press, musical shows, fashion or institutional events. I've also been employed as a camera operator in fictions, ads and clips.


Fascinated by the world of underground cultures, I started making a documentary film about the oldest artistic squat of Paris, La Miroiterie, lieu de vie, a famous and historic place of the Parisian underground culture which was threatened with eviction at that time, where I spent 1 year filming the places and his inhabitants, and showing the movie  during supporting events to the place.

 I've been passionate for music for a long time, and discovered Drum&Bass 20 years ago and witnessing this music evolving, with others style emerging as Dubstep in the 2010s. I decided to start a long and ambitious project: making the 1st full-length documentary film on Bass music, an underground culture which began to explode. When the 1st Bass music festival was organized in France: the Rumble Festival, i started everything. Shooting, meetings, discovering a real culture, and my desire to explore it in depths.


From there, the Bass Extase project has started and I've been involved during more than 3 years in the Bass music scene throughout Europe, meeting various actors of this musical movement and discovering what could connect these different kinds of music, their diverse origins mixed and showing  from its rising to its turmoil...


At the same time  i was founding and managing a cultural association "Art Summer Production"  and organize multidisciplinary cultural events (exhibitions, installations, concerts, DJ-sets, workshops of initiations, conferences ...)  focusing on Bass music and mixing  audiences  combining culture and party.


I also led conferences on documentary filmmaking and about Bass music by projecting some video clips from my movie project in festivals, concerts hall and in universities in France.


Finally, more recently, I have written a fiction whose main character evolves in this Bass music universe. I was selected to participate at a Worskhop for the 20th edition of the International Festival of the Screenwriters in Valence, France.








• A musical movement emerging in early 90s from the underground scene in London and that finally exploded internationally  at various times in its history.


• Electronic music with specific elements: bass, sub bass, and syncopated or break rhythmic forms.


•  intense music which experiment the limits of the body through sub bass that can be felt physically.


• Different styles  emulating each other but very different at the same time coming from English cultural diversity with its colonial roots : Indo-Pakistani, Jamaican, Caribbean mixed with Rave Culture.


A lot of musical styles from these influences: Dub, Break-Beat, Drum & Bass, Jungle, Uk Garage, Dubstep, Tropical Bass, Uk Funky, Grime, Bassline and more recently Uk Bass, Footwork, Juke, Trap, Future Beat or Half-Time.


Urban music Influenced by its geographical environment. Producers draw their creativity and their inspiration from the European cities (London, Croydon, Bristol, Berlin, Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Geneva, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Praha, Vienna...) 


• A music always in perpetual evolution through internet and web platforms providing easy access to both listening and producing tools. 


•   Bass music can easily be found on Radios, Televisions, Advertisements, Cinema and at the Grammys Awards. many artist videos from the Bass music reach millions of views on YouTube, Some events bring together thousands of people.


Bass Music is an underground movement that has become a musical, social and cultural phenomenon. It affects all social classes, all ages, all styles, but are under represented in  mainstream medias.


It's a real culture with diverse and mixed origins, and its evolution deserves to be known by everyone.   


My goal with this transmedia project is to allow those who have never heard about Bass music to discover it, and people who already love it to enjoy and understand it better by immersing themselves in a new way.







 The Movie : 1 hour Documentary film, in English and French.


A movie on Drum&bass history, the 1st Bass music genre to come. The movie explores its origins (Funk, Hip-Hop, Reggae et Dub) and follows it (Breakbeat, Jungle) until today.


A European film: shot in England, France, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Austria, Czech Republic... and also showing archives from the United States and Jamaica.


·  A movie showing a musical universe and focusing on its social and cultural side.


• Bass Extase, the movie presents the creative process of DJs and producers, the different steps from production to distribution, the backstage of the organization of concerts and festivals, and the visions of people who know and love this music.


• The film shows through interviews, live or studio sequences, and archives, the emerging of the movement and its evolution until today.


The Photography Exhibition :

A photography exhibition relating the journey of the Bass Extase project through Europe, with lots of nights, festivals, studio sessions with artists and different protagonists of this music scene.




(---> in case of extra financing---)


The Web-serie :

A web-serie with episodes of 5 to 10 minutes, focusing on Dubstep history and other genres of Bass music, and also talking about a specific theme, or a specific artist of Bass music.


· Broadcasted on a dedicated YouTube channel, this web-serie will allow the audience to approach artists, themes or genres already filmed but not shown in the movie.


The artistic Installation :

An artistic and immersive installation,  a "cocoon"  plunging the spectator into a futuristic and meditative universe dedicated to low frequencies.


The Events :

Some events dedicated to the Bass music universe, with local or national Bass music artists.


These evenings would immerse the spectator into Bass Extase's universe by presenting the photography exhibition, the artistic installation, and screening an episode of the web-serie or the documentary film.








• Since the beginning of the shooting in May 2011, i've filmed dozens of concerts, parties, festivals in Europe and different persons have also helped me.


•  More than 60 protagonists of the movement interviews: djs, producers, spectators, event organizers and bass music specialists.


• The Logging of images, their classification and their encoding.


· The selection, the recovery and the encoding of archives.


· The writing of the voice-over and the first recording of this one.


· The editing of the first two versions of the documentary movie.


• The creation of Bass Extase logo.


· A first selection of photographies for the exhibition is already printed and framed.


· An installation already tested during an evening.


· Somes evenings presenting the photography exhibition, the installation, concerts and DJ-sets of local and national Bass music artists as well as the screening of film clips of the documentary.






Here is a list of some artists Djs, Producers and Composers who have already been filmed and interviewed for the movie :


Dj Hype,



Son of Kick,

Niveau Zero,

Black Sun Empire,


The Others,


The Bug,


Congo Natty,

Goth Trad,



Dope DOD,

Foreign Beggars,

Dodge & Fuski,



General Levy,





Dr Das (Asian Dub Fundation),

Skream & Sgt Pokes,


Aba Shanti,

Andy C,


Doctor P,

Dougie (Bush Chemists),

Iration Steppas,


Ed Rush,

Johnny (Outlook Festival, Gentleman's Dub Club)

Dj EZ,

Marcus Nasty,

Marie (Bass Music Magazine, Mixmag)

Mungoes Hifi,


Soom T,


Flux Pavilion,

Jah Observer,

Lemon D,




Pierre Deruisseau,

Shut Up and Dance !,

Swan-E (Circus Records),



Alix Perez,

Roni Size,

Dj Marky,


Fabio & Grooverider,

Jef (Meth Lab),

Elisa do brasil.



Benga in Bass Extase  319754_10150912895138550_315209504_n                                                                                                                                           




Agencies, theaters, clubs, festivals or media that have trusted me for the movie  


Totaal Rez, Rumble Festival, Transbordeur, Démon D'Or, Chwet, Jungle Juice, Rockstore, Outlook Festival, EZ!, Ninkasi Kao, Chateau Bruyant, Nouveau Casino, Tensionstep, Metalheadz, Cable, Enover, La Marquise, Hyperdub, La Machine du Moulin Rouge, La Laiterie, Jarring Effect, Glaz'art, Electron Festival, L'Usine, Bass Freak Doggz, Dour Festival, Monegros Desert Festival, Astropolis, La Carène, Splash, Cabaret Sauvage, 5 Days Off, Melkweg,Trax Magazine, Bass Music Magazine, Starwaxmag, We Love Dub,, Humo, So Massive, Circus Records, Sony Entertainement, Bass Paradize, Bassodrome Festival, Bass Jump & Eddy Rumas, Future Skankerz, Dirty, The Quiet Office, Meth Lab agency, Meth Lab Recording, Get un Step, Forever Dnb.




An article about Bass Extase in a French magazine specialized in electronic music: Trax Magazine # 153 (monthly). See below.  





This project is supported by the former Minister of Culture of France, today president of the Institute of Arab worlds, Mr Jack Lang, who met me last December, along with his personnal advisor of electronic musics, Michel Pilot, who is specifically an Executive Secretary at the CSLMF and also a Cultural Events Advisor & Executive Secretary of the Concrete and the Weather Festival.





• Post-production : image editing, sound editing, original score, sound mixing, grading, translation, subtitling and captioning.

• Organisation of special events for the Premiere (screening of the documentary film with the photography exhibition and an after-show party).


(--- > in case of extra financing < ---)


•  Editing and post-production of the web-serie

•  Organization of special events

•  Creation of the artistic installation





• A VOD edition

• A photography exhibition

• Preview Screening Evening with After-Show in several big cities in Europe.

• Conferences with projections of the movie for youth and students in schools or universities.

• A tour of screenings in clubs, concert halls, film festivals, documentary festivals and electronic music festivals.  





January-February 2018: finalization of the post-production of the movie


March 2018: Screening of the movie with the 1st planned projections, on March 10th in Toulouse and on March 16th in Saint-Etienne, France.


April-June 2018: screening of the movie in other cities in France (Strasbourg, Caen, Rouen in discussion) and organization of special events in Paris and Lyon.


April-August 2018: Editing and post-production of the episodes of the web-serie


September 2018: Release of the 1st episode of the Web-serie.



Waar dient de collecte voor



A financial contribution has been achieved through:  


Development Programm for Youth Initiatives for the City of Lyon in France (1000 euros)

and Aid to Citizens Youth Projects in the région Rhône-Alpes in France (1200 euros)


This assistance has allowed me to pay for my travel and accommodation during the shooting periods.


I personally invested in travelling fees (3000), the video equipment (4600 euros) and the prints of the exhibition photography (500 euros).


Many volunteers have contributed to the project providing technical and logistical assistance

(equivalent to 2600 euros)  


To achieve this project, the crowdfunding collecting would therefore cover the following costs of:  


• The post-production (3000 euros):

- Image editing,

- Sound editing,

- Sound mixing,

- Grading

- Translation,

- Subtitling

- English voice-over


• The creation and printing of the Poster (500 euros)


---> First step : 3500 euros


I will perceive the entire collect that i will share with various people who will work on post-production.


In case of extra financing :


• The production of a Web-serie (video and audio editing, audio mix and subtitles)

• Organization of special events

• Creation of the artistic installation


---> Second step : (6 500 euros)



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