Between Andes and Baobab

Share a look through our pictures, of the history of our adventures on the distant lands of South America and Africa.

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Between Andes and Baobab

What could be more beautiful than to take advantage of the infinite horizon of summits.


We left France in August 2014, to discover a huge part of South America, Rwanda and Southern Africa, but by getting off the beaten tracks, we travel differently.


We are fascinated by sport, sports challenges, our expedition through these lands, at the top of most high mountains of South America and Africa is an incredible human experience.


Throughout our journey, we move forward step by step, the heart wide open on the world. Learn to open eyes, and to close them, at the right time, with the modesty of a child. It is necessary to climb to the top, to want to go even farther.




Here we are, eight months later. Eight incredible months, during which we have increased our spirit in the wealth of peoples and landscapes. During which we have increased slowly our patience at the rythm of each country. Enlarged our eyes in front of the real force of the nature. Reduced our fears in front of obstacles. And where we captured the beauty of the world, to remember in our heads there, and on our pictures.


The definition of the journey differs to every person. For us to travel it is to share. To live an emotion and to read the same in the eyes of others returns these real moments.




We left, just the two of us but we take you everywhere with us. Our website which we update as often as possible since we are on the road, keeps us closely in touch with you:

Through our travel stories, but also and especially through our photos, we allow you to live the same feelings as us.




We always try to tempt you, to make you dream, but also to give you the boost to go to see, yourselves, what the world has to offer to us.


Some people have already lived what we are living, and for them, the souvenir will be there, only more alive. So far as it took to us, understand that nothing is impossible!


Discover a new country, these customs, these peoples, these lands, meet always stronger challenges, live always stronger sensations, go always farther, higher, ceaselessly to be in the movement, and to see a maximum of things.


This is the way we like the life.




Breathe, sit down, wait, understand the environment in which we existe, to get the light, the colors, the sounds, to sharpen the ear, to open an eye in the lense, press on a button.


It is to immortalize our life! Our photos tell a story, to you to make it live!



Waar dient de collecte voor

Before our departure, we equipped ourselves with all the necessities for the ascents in the snow and on the ice, and it also was the opportunity to invest in a substantial camera and to feed a passion, to bring back the best images of our adventure and to share them.


In Africa, our camera lense of 24 to 70 mm showed itself unsuitable to immortalize the scenes of the wild life.


So, we would like to buy a lens of camera 70 - 200 mm : 1200 €


Our website is regularly updated, to share our adventures and our photos, and we thank all people who support us and follow us.


This collective impetus, motivates us and touches us. We would like to organize an exhibition from our return in August 2015, to thank you, and spread our project to a wider audience.


That is why, we would need funds for the following points :


- Reservation of an exhibition room : 200 €

- Printing and presentation of photos: 300 €

- Printing of business cards to make us known: 30€

- Communication for of the exhibition.


The globetrotters team :


Pauline practises the basketball since her childhood, active and local major component of her club in her team in sport study, she always set a single goal, make her team win, surpass itself. In mountain, on ski or in hike shoes, she feels herself free and alive. Just like Osa Johnson, who had everything of a housewife, run away and not to be where we wait for us became an obsession. It will be a masterpiece otherwise nothing. As Osa, it will have needed only a meeting to realize that its masterpiece would be possible only with him. For her, the world is a promise, and the end of this adventure will be to discover the foreigner in herself.




Mathieu needs to dream about height, about climbing, about mountaineering, about snowboarding, and skydiving delivers him its dose of adrenalin, but it also participates in several raid, triathlons, events which allow him to go always higher. His parents travel for a long time, he was able to make it with them several times, he has the taste of the journeys, the discoveries, the challenges. He travelled alone in USA, in Australia and in New Zealand, worked and travelled in the Gabon for two years. Pauline joined him several months there and they took advantage of it, backpack on the back, to discover every hidden recesses of the nature protected from Sao Tome, a small island located 300 km away from the Gabonese coast, lived by people of a kindness and an incredible generosity. The ascent, through the tropical jungle, of the virgin Pico of Sao Tome was an enriching experience, a summit difficult to climb, in spite of its low height (2 024m).




During our journey in South America, we realized several incredible challenges! In Ecuador, we climbed volcanoes Cayambe peaking in 5790 m, Cotopaxi in 5897 m, and tried the ascent of the highest of this small country, Chimborazo (6310 m), but weather conditions did not allow us to reach the summit, and we had to stop at 5925 m !


A few months later, we discovered a magnificent country, Bolivia, and it was the opportunity to realize a dream, to climb a mountain of more than 6000 meters. Pauline was close to me, for the ascent of Huayna Potosi peaking in 6088 meters, and we arrived at the summit the day of my birthday. That was a striking experience, however I was not able to stop in this challenge, and thanks to our excellent guide, Eduardo Mamani, branch manager of Bolivian Mountain Guides  I realized the ascent of the roof of Bolivia, Sajama peaking in 6542 m. Always equipped with our cramps and ice axes, all these challenges, allowed us to surpass us.


In Africa, we planned to climb at the top of the Kilimanjaro, a mythical mountain, but having lived all our beautiful ascents, more technical, in South America, and considering the exorbitant price of the running, we decided not to make it. Furthermore, Tanzania and Kenya are ultra touristic countries, and the charm of the mountain, the isolation, would not have been able to be. As a result, we favored the ascent of smaller mountains, less crowded, as the Sapitwa, the highest summit of Malawi, which reigns in an environment deserving of narratives of Tolkien.

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