Beware or Bee Tricks!

Help breaking Bee Tricks, new indie rock act from France!

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Beware or Bee Tricks!

It's been a few months we released (digitally) our mini-EP titled "Bee Tricks" :-), you can listen here on Deezer, amongst other sites.


After playing a few shows and based on the fans' feedback and demand, it is now clear we need to go a step further and do more than only digital let's go!


But wait, what is Bee Tricks?

Since the band is composed of only 3 members it will be quick:

Arnaud Boyer (Tara King th.), Jean-Marc Junca (Virago), Josselin Varengo (Slow Joe & The Ginger Accident).

In terms of musical genre, let's quote the band Speed Buggy USA who said about us: "you have the sound and features of indie garage rock bands from Southern California" can we say we play "indie garage rock from Southern California Made In France"?




But let's come back to the main topic:


We plan to release first a new EP, including a song featuring Brisa Roché, a very talented american singer.


The Single and EP will come along a Music Video, we will shoot a video, probably from an acoustic session...




Last but not least, we love vinyl and vintage stuff, so we've decided to release a small serie of vinyl records (to be released right after the Music Video, in November if everything goes well) for selling at shows and eventually pitch physical distributors.


Finally, for keeping things organized and hopefully get some serious attention on our music we are planning to hire a PR agency for helping us spread the word.


So feel free to support us and we'll give you some nice rewards ;-)


And don't forget...Beware or Bee Tricks!





Waar dient de collecte voor

We initially considered flying away to South America with the money, but after thinking twice, we'd better invest in our project...




The funds will be spent on all the items described above, and some small additional bits, check it out:


Music Video production: 1500 Euros


Manufacturing 500 vinyl records: 1500 Euros


SDRM (Mechanical royalties): 400 Euros


Artwork design: 500 Euros


Travel expenses to go to Denain (North of France) for our show on 23 Jan 2015: 500 Euros (for those who know France's geography, Denain is far far away from Valence!)


PR campaign: 3500 Euros


And we did not take into account all the expenses already covered for recording, mastering...etc.!


Let's end this on a funny note with a "stolen moment' from one of our shows:



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