Biohacking Safari on tour

Today, researchers AND citizens together build incredible biological machines. Follow us in this new exploration, to Boston !

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Biohacking Safari on tour

Previously on Biohacking Safari, after touring biohackerspaces in North America, we're back in the USA  ! 


Our aim, tell biohacking through the eyes of people doing it.


Next week, people from around the world will be gathering for the finale of a very special competition. Researchers, artists and citizen biohackers will show their latest discoveries in synthetic biology.


We need you to be able to explore, connect and tell in words, interviews and photos this huge event.





Photo by Daily Laurel


Spring 2014, a saturday afternoon on the roof of the MIT in Boston.

- Could I have a portrait of you with my skateboard, please ?

- Yes, sure. Its been ages I haven't ride one of those.


- Sir, skating is not allowed here.



This tall grey hair man rules a prestigious Harvard team working on the genetics. He also was at the roots of revolutionary DNA sequencing technologies. This pioneer is now devoting his life to the Personal Genome Project.


George Church, our skateboard fellow, wants to open source our genomes and so creates an open source platform compiling volunteer’s genome sequences; a very powerful tool for research. Anyone can add his own information, like a Facebook account even you can.


Ok, but why does he have a skateboard in his hands? Well, lets take a closer look to it.




Photo by Daily Laurel


Our photo reporter, while exploring all biohackerspaces in North America, used this mean of transportation, meeting and connecting people making what DIYBio is today.


Rolling from hackerspaces and biohackerspaces, sticking logos from East to the West, all DIYBio related that he met are represented on the board.





It all started in the late winter 2014 at the first biohackerspace in France call La Paillasse


A m/haker and a researcher in immunology meet around the idea of a Biohacking Safari tour in the cradle of biohacking > North America.






8 ecosystems to visit, 40 spaces and communities with biohackerspaces and strong emerging communities based on DIYBIO visited in 3 months. Many ways to tell those stories, through conferences, interviews and exhibition showing where open science in the making is done.




TripGlasses in test at Noisebridge, hackerspace, downtown San Francisco.

Photo by Daily Laurel



Break at NYC resistor, one of the first hackerspace in NYC.

Photo by Daily Laurel



Hackers deal with biology now, Bosslab, Harvard.

Photo by Daily Laurel






Biohacking, through the eyes of people doing it (cf. Our interviews on



And today ?


Today, we want to pursue our exploration, discovering of disrupting biologist.


Few events and festival gather those biologists this year especially in Vienna where a film festival featuring only is Synthetic Biology movies, BioFiction. Also, at the same place all DIYBio Europe actors will be meeting …


And the Giant Jamboree IGEM 2014...this is where we need you all.





In the beginning IGEM is an international competition about synthetic biology between students.


What does it mean?


All the team have few month to create a biologic machinery based on Biobricks. It can go from creating pigments, beer to biosensors made to recognize mercury in water or how to fight tuberculosis; at the end all this is gathered on a wiki...Each team add a brick to the big building of life innovation.


BUT THIS YEAR IGEM IS 10 years old

BUT THIS YEAR IGEM IS open to artist and designers

BUT THIS YEAR IGEM IS open to biohackers too !




Photo by Daily Laurel





We propose you an audio/visual immersion into an international meeting with brilliant minds and perhaps the future entrepreneur of tomorrow into biotech.


Tripartite mission:


-Visualize emerging innovations into Synthetic biology as well as into art and design.

-Understanding of cross-pollination between academics, artists, and hackers.

-Detecting the best innovations and tell their stories.


When we will be back, photo-reports, masterclass at La Paillasse (and live stream!).





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2 tickets mainly to cross the ocean without paddling!


More money? Stay on the ground around one of the most attractive innovation center in the world...BOSTON.


More money... more travels around Europe, after Boston to foster open science culture and emerging technologies.



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