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Help us create five short films celebrating the diverse experiences of young life in Montréal!

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Bonjour Hi

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"Bonjour Hi" is a celebration within a recollection, a project that reunites different visions around one unifying subject: being young in Montréal. The film takes place during one 24-hour window, starting and ending with light of dawn, and will be divided in five interconnected parts. Five different directors will film five short films expressing and illuminating a specific aspect of the Montréal experience within each timeframe: Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Evening, and Night. The crew consists of 6 McGill students and a recent alumni, for whom the film is an homage to their fond student years in Montreal. 












Ryan MacDowell

Ryan is a McGill alum (BA '12) and the founder of Montreal-based Legato Productions. He is passionate about promoting the creative arts, education, and social change initiatives.


Sean Lee

With an extensive background in journalism and advertising — two paradigms in the spectrum of storytelling tradition — Sean's approach to film draws heavily on Faulkner: illuminating the struggle of human nature in conflict with itself. His film is an exploration of this theme in an informal setting; two friends that straddle the line of hopeful dialectic and cynical argument, with sprinklings of wit and derision to bring both characters to a surprising insight.


Giuliana Mazzetta

Giuliana is an Italian-American raised in the heart of the South- Atlanta, Georgia. In her final year at McGill University, Giuliana balances her studies of International Development in the days with creative endeavours by night, having a keen love for guerrilla and street art. She is especially interested in the intersection between human rights issues, community innovation, and artistic approaches to extending messages out to the public. 


Christina Wood

Christina is a Canadian-South African McGill University student studying English, marketing and economics. Her passion for filmmaking was ignited after attending a directing and producing summer program at the University of Southern California in 2011. Since then, she has worked at film festivals such as Cannes, TIFF and Sundance to further her understanding of the industry. 


Ben Koring

Ben is a 4th year Arts student at McGill University studying philosophy and marketing. He's an avid film watcher and maker and produced the feature film entitled "Lovers Lost" in 2014. "Bonjour Hi" will be his first try at directing.







Jack Johnson

Jack, a 4th year McGill Arts student majoring in History, is a lifelong film enthusiast having lived in both England and Canada, moving to Montréal to study in 2011. Since then he has been involved in a number of different managerial projects in both the musical and digital industries.


JG Debray

JG (or Jean-Guillaume) Debray is a 4th year McGill student studying International Business. Born in France but having lived most of his life in the United States, he considers himself lucky to have ingrained the film culture from both sides of the Atlantic. A part-time film director, he spends most of his days doing Christopher Walken impersonations. 


Christina Wood 

As described above, Christina is a Canadian-South African McGill University student studying English, marketing and economics. She holds the prestigious dual role of Producer-Director, a title well-suited to her multi-tasking know-how. 






Bonjour Hi” is a collaborative film project devoted to celebrating student life in Montreal. The film comprises of five short films occurring sequentially within the same day. Five student directors are responsible for a vignette in their respective time-periods; morning, noon, afternoon, evening and night.



The first segment, directed by Giuliana Mazzetta, begins at dawn and reveals the intimate space between two lovers as they shake off the previous night’s slumber and slowly wake up to a new day. In contrast to the arresting weather conditions outside that epitomize the harshness of Montreal’s climate, the solace of the dreamy bedroom acts as a precious secret for the two. 



In the second film Sean Lee creates a cynical, dry comedy set in one of Montreal’s charming cafes. The short involves an entertaining dialogue between two students contemplating the social norms and expectations of romance.



The afternoon vignette is directed by Ryan McDowell and follows the story of an overwhelmed student whose stressful day is abruptly changed when she encounters a silent disco on the streets of Montreal.



Set in the heart of McGill's student ghetto, Ben Koring's short film takes place during the snowy evening. The short follows a group of sluggish university seniors plagued with Winteritus; a common condition that develops during the coldest months in Montreal. Those affected suffer from severe laziness, anti-social behaviour and a tendency to find "staying-in" preferable to just about everything else. 



Christina Wood’s quirky and nostalgic conclusive film features two students that decide to abandon their studies for the evening and go tobogganing on the top of Mont Royal. The characters contemplate their pivotal age, flirting with adulthood and coming to terms with the end of their student lifestyle.








The original soundtrack for "Bonjour Hi" will feature an eclectic group of artists from Montréal, who will provide new songs specifically for the project. The artists will be revealed on our facebook page throughout the crowdfunding campaign!



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Considering the expensive nature of filmmaking, we have strived to keep costs minimal. However, for the sake of ensuring production value and quality we've encountered inevitable expenses.

Your contributions will go toward funding the technical components of the project. 


These include:


- Equipment Rental: $600

- Technical Crew Salaries: $1000

- Food: $600

- Transportation: $200

- Location Rental: $400

- Miscellaneous Costs (including merchandise and festival fees): $200





These production costs are the bare minimum to get our project off and running! Any dollar that goes beyond our projected goal will go directly to post-production and paying film festival entrance fees: the more festivals we enter, the better our chance is of winning an Oscar! (We think)

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