Catho Rétro, le concept store religieux

Support the creation of Catho Retro, THE religious concept store!

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Catho Rétro, le concept store religieux



Catho Retro is an adventure that was born on the « camino de santiago » under the summer sun of 2013. Sisters, Armelle and Fanny with their childhood friend, Marjolaine, got the crazy crazy crazy idea to launch the first religious concept store online.  




Catho Retro is for the christian modern tribes. Catho Retro brings the latest looks from the design and home decor industry to religion. We want you to experience the joy of expressing your faith in style whether it is for you or for your gifts. Youpi! We are modernizing the style but we remain faithful to the Christian beliefs and traditions.     


Catho Retro is creating its own product line while collaborating with talented suppliers to offer you a selection of unique and symbolic items.


So, if you too think that Jesus Loves You, that Marjolaine draws well, that Fanny is a geek and that Armelle has good taste, then please join us in this campaign to help in the creation of Catho Retro!   




Postcards for fun and for decoration :



Tote bags to go to the Mass, or go on a stroll if you arrived too late :




Mugs that tells you that even if it’s grey outside and you don’t like your job, well, Jesus Loves YOU and that’s all it matters : 




Tattoos (Even if you are not so muscular you can treat yourself!).   




Decorated candles to let your prayers shine




And for the mac generation, we also have iPhone cases for iPhone 4 and 5 (don’t buy the 6, we don’t have the case yet!)   



Waar dient de collecte voor

All the articles are ready to get printed but due to important minimum order quantity, we need a little help from our friends. Thanks to your help, we will be able to finance the entire creation of the Catho Retro collection.   


-Printing of the postcards   

-Purchase and printing of the totes bags 

-Purchase and printing of the mugs  

-Printing of the tatoos  

-Purchase and printing of the candles                                                                 

-Purchase and printing of the iPhone cases  




And if by any chance we collect more than our goal then HALLELUIA! It will help us finance the first inventory of the store. Let’s remember that Catho Retro launches its own collection but is also collaborating with talented suppliers to create THE religious concept store.   



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