CITY STEPS: 1er Album Sophie Robic et Le Robic's Club

American friends WE NEED U! Support the creation of Sophie Robic's first album and the Robic's club Jazz,Song and a touch of cinema.This is now!

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CITY STEPS: 1er Album Sophie Robic et Le Robic's Club

City Steps is a concept album that will touch the one who loves cinema. City Steps is a concept album that will touch the one who loves the song City Steps is a concept album that will touch the one who loves Jazz City Steps is the story of an original project mixing these three ingredients, linked together by cinematographic sound illustrations, so that everyone is doing his FILM!

The Robic's Club presents

- Original compositions -                  Talented musicians An immersion in the heart of the city -

       - An invitation to travel that does not leave unscathed …

Love - Mystery - Polar - Sex - poetry - words - a taxi who listens to the radio - A spy who sleeps to grab secrets of state - A Crime Scene or Love Scene in an apartment - prostitution  - a thunderbolt in a tram - day - Night - jazz - a club - a universe ….  



City Steps is also the story of a human adventure ...

Sophie Robic wanted a great bassist. She is looking for and falls in love with the fluid and unrestrained game of Canadian Chris Jennings (Dhafer Youssef, Thomas Enhco, joachim kuhn ...) She wanted a good jazz drummer, with a well rounded game, Gildas LeFaix will be this drummer. Sylvain Duthuillé (good time jazz, klara kurtis ...) at the piano, because they have already played together and that "matches"  between these two. And Romaric Bougé (OJB, kendirvi ...), because Sophie likes his game in the background ;-).





« Les accents tour à tour suaves ou pétillants, profonds ou facétieux de Sophie déroulent une poésie que n'aurait pas reniée un certain Nougaro. Constants comparses sobres et précis, mélodieux ou sombres, les musiciens font corps autour de leur diva avec un talent efficace et une présence intimiste qui lui font un écrin de velours sensuel. La prise de son signe ici un alliage parfait entre un temps et un lieu d'où surgissent la poésie et le swing, servis avec un talent exceptionnel par ce Robic's club redoutablement efficace et sensible. »

P.Perrichon Guitariste de jazz


Listen to the teaser Part 1




"New York, a late afternoon in the 50s. In the middle of the 45th street noise, the heels of a woman slamming on the sidewalk, she calls a yellow taxi:" The Robic's Club please ".. Sophie's voice slips into the radio and draws us into her world of confidences, sometimes dark, malicious or tender, but always inhabited by poetry, escorted by her blue, note, intimate and accomplice. P.Perrichon



Listen to the teaser Part 2



Like a sheaf of sparks in the midst of the noise of the streets suddenly springs the frenzied session of a jazz club: it catches us and embarks us in its nocturnal fervor. Two hands against each other in the tramway 163, two glances cross each other, but these two destinies are separated by the correspondences, returning them to their solitudes. The pale halo of a tired street-lamp sends its light on a sidewalk  ... Fragile steps cross the night mist and, under a cold porch, the eyes of a child with cold fingers try to hang, in vain, passers-by, thoughtful, busy and indifferent.                     P.Perrichon







Sophie Robic Singer, songwriter, Sophie also teaches singing vocal jazz in various music schools. She has written two musical stories for children with guitarist Philippe Lucas and edited a memorable Nougaromage, with Eric Nédelec, serge Leclanche and the jazz orchestra of Brittany, inaugurated at "L'estran" in Guidel, a national jazz scene in the presence of l Hélène Nougaro and one of her children. After singing in various jazz ensembles, and especially after a Californian and New York trip that triggered it, she felt it was time to make this album of creation of texts and original music dealing with sometimes difficult and serious subjects, sometimes light, sometimes funny, but always sincere.




A pianist of jazz, Sylvain is at the same time rhythmic and fluid, sensitive and playful and above all always at listening. He is a member of various ensembles in Brittany (Good time jazz, jumping five with Peter Butler, and hip hop jazz group Klara curtis). Sylvain has also enriched his playing, in groups in which he plays regularly in Mozambique. Sophie and him know each other well, since they played as a duo, but also in trio with the trumpeter Romaric Bougé. They have developed a beautiful musical complicity perceptible throughout the album and especially on titles such as "Pillow Confidences" or the jazz standard from "breakfast at tiffanys", "Moon River". Sylvain co-wrote tracks for the City Steps album.  




For those who are interested in jazz, we do not present Chris Jennings. Composer, arranger, this Canadian jazz bassist has a career that takes her to the biggest international stages. Chris is known as Dhafer Youssef's double bass player with Tigran Hamasyan, his quartet with Rita Marcotulli, Danny Gottlieb or Karim Ziad and Bojan Z, and also bassist of Joachim Kühm's trio, Titi Robin trio "Nargis", trio of Thomas Enhco. With 7 albums under his name, he is at ease with a wide variety of styles and his latest album with Japanese koto was disc of the month to jazz magazine and record of the week to FIP and TSF. In City Steps, besides the fact that his recognizable game brings the desired mystery in this album, he composes a title entitled Silent Speech, interpreted in duet double bass with Sophie.




Gildas Lefaix, drummer from Rennes, graduated from the institute of rhythmic arts of Paris, was fed to ensemble jazz, traveling around the world within the military big band of the air force of Dijon. One day, he is solicited by the director of a dance company. Here he accompanies by dancers, on contemporary stages. A specialist in computer-assisted music and improvised sound creation, he has developed a fine listening, a rigor and a sharp creative sense. The sound of its battery is precise and round. And when, faced with the difficulty of finding common dates to see each other, he tells Sophie "If it's too complicated, take another drummer, I will not be upset," she replies, "No question, we will wait, you are who i want."





Romaric Bougé is a passionate jazz trumpeter. Recognized for his improvisational talent, he joined the Brittany Jazz Orchestra at the age of 20 and became a soloist. Sideman in numerous bands, he will be very present on the  jazz scene of bretagne and beyond by participating in Jazz festivals in Vannes (Six Machine), Jazz in Langourla (Sambaka), Jazz under the leaves (in the first part of Mina Agossi), Jazz at the locks (OJB), Brussels Jazz Marathon (OJB) etc ... Also open to world music and traditional music, Romaric has the most prestigious scenes such as Bercy, Stade de France and Olympia accompanying orchestras of international renown. His first album recorded in sextet in April 2013 unveils all his talents as composers and improviser. Romaric and Sophie have known each other for a dozen years and have played several times together notably in trio jazz, but also on Nougaromage.  







A classical guitarist with a gold medal at the conservatories of Nantes and Lorient, and trained in baroque and renaissance music with the French specialist Gérard Rebours, Philippe teaches in various conservatories. He is also a composer and arranger. In addition to the children's projects on which he and Sophie worked together, Philippe composed four songs on the City Steps album and played on two of them. Guitarist but also singer, and in particular several years Tenor within the choir of men of the maitrise of Brittany, it occurred on scenes such as the theater of the Elysées fields in Paris or the royal chapel of Versailles. Philippe's major asset is his sense of melody.




An eclectic artist, Thomas is a clarinetist but also a saxophonist. Perfectionist, he offers precise and aerial music to his listeners. His energy carries his written or improvised music, and his practice is usually in chamber music ensembles, such as the ensemble K of which he is a founding member. he studied with Jacques Di Donato, his professor at the CNSM in Lyon, and Armand Angster or Denis Tempo at the CRR in Strasbourg. Today, he teaches at the conservatory of Lorient and participates in projects combining various artistic forms in France or abroad. Thomas came to Paris to lend his talent to the album City Steps, on the love song "Roofs whisper ».



The sound engineer responsible for sound recording and mixing: Romain Clisson, a wonderful ingenius of great finesse and intelligence. The list of artists who trusted him is long. To name but a few: Daniel Yvinec and the National Jazz Orchestra, Uncle Soul, Laurent Coulondre, Hugh Coltman, Rita Mitsouko, Renan Luce ....

The mixing of City steps was split into two parts.

Two days of editing and cinematographic sound effects. A realization of Sophie and Romain who immediately immerse the listener in a visual and in his fertile imagination. Images, passages from black and white to color ... or not. It's your dream ...

Then a week of musical mixing with the subtle ears of Romain to sublimate the work of the musicians. vocal variety for each song. Thank you to Romain for this beautiful meeting and for all that you gave me.

A few words from Romain: "Beautiful independent creation, it is a beautiful jazz record, which is outside the usual network. City Steps is a true sincere and courageous record produced according to the rules of the art."


Thimothé Raymond accompanied us a day to film the work sessions Thank you for your kindness


Rémi Salvador: City Steps mastering man The engineer of the sound Mega surbooked ;-) chosen for the mastering is Rémi Salvador. As versatile in jazz as in electro or music of the world. Thanks to Rémi for his work!


American and english friends we need YOU!  all the friends, all the musicians who know the importance for us to go to the end of this project which has borne us for months! You should also know that even if the amount requested is exceeded, your subscriptions must continue! This will make it possible to repay a little the sums invested and to continue and prepare the stage. Buy the album of the ROBIC'S Club, City Steps, and the accessories City Steps is to spend a good time listening at home! So friends, do not hesitate to continue this subscription beyond the threshold And with all our warmest thanks! See you soon !

Waar dient de collecte voor

Project budget in €uros ---- ° 5 days of Studio recording .................. .... ... 3700  ° 5 days of Sound recording ingeson ..................... ... 1500  ° The cost of accommodation in Paris for everyone during recording ..................... ... ... 600 ° Mixing ......................................................... 3800 ° Mastering CD and Vinyl ............... .. .................. .. ... 830 ° Pressing cd + pocket .................. .. ......... .1000 ° Reproduction rights fee SDRM ... .... ... .. ... 370 °% taken from the participatory platform ....... ...... 470 ° Departure work for a Residence for show and external speakers ............... .2000 ° Also the sum of the remunerations of the musicians, for the work of compositions of some, for the rehearsals and expenses in Rennes of the Robic's club, and the days of recordings in Paris .......... ... 4200 Total: 18470

We have already invested more than € 13,000. REQUEST: 5200 € Sophie Robic will collect the entire collection to complete the project. We plan to make a residency with the musicians and other speakers in order to produce in theaters. We are in contact with programmers, and publishers for the life of the album.  

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