Coeur à Corps

Dance your rebellion and dreams with us. Help us produce our film and support the green movements of an angered youth !

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Coeur à Corps

Why don't we pay any attention anymore to others, to ourselves, and our nature? Is it even possible to have a real positive impact on the world at our tiny scale?

You have a strong desire for change, but you don't know how this can be done?

With our project of engaged dancing, we want precisely to suggest a concrete solution to this issue. How? By fostering and developing harmonious relationships between us and others, humans as well as non-humans, in our cities and neighborhoods.

To have a strong impact, a message needs quality support. HELP US PRODUCE A FILM of our dancers which can be shared with a wide audience!

What is "Coeur à Corps" ?

‘Cœur à Corps avec ma Ville’ (‘Heart to Body with my Town’) is a short film project of urban dance conducted by a young team living in Brussels and particularly sensitive to environmental issues.

During the summer of 2019, we will shoot 5 short films featuring a series of choreographies performed by young local dancers in the city of Brussels.

‘Cœur à Corps’ is driven by the desire of committed young adults to demonstrate their indignation towards the social and environmental crisis. The current movement of global outrage, as showed by the marches for climate, indicates once again that that the modern individualistic system we live in is not sustainable.

With this reality in mind, our project is about using dance to express our generation's concerns, but also hopes and dreams for a better future together.

This project is hence a unique alliance between art, ecological engagement and social cohesion.

Our goals

  • Point out to the degradation of social and environmental ecosystems
  • Suggest ways to re-connect to our communities
  • Offer a platform for young individuals to express their concerns and hopes for a more sustainable and fulfilling life in society

Why dance as a form of activism?

Bodies make revolutions happen, it is through the body in movement that we are able to perceive the world, to grasp it and meet others.

The body may not have words but it calls to the senses, our intuitions and perceptions which enable communication between us and others. The body in movement is an affirmation of our identity and memory, it can provoke, unsettle and be a tool for creation. It can be used to think, act and interact differently with the world. Therefore moving bodies are, in our opinion, a nonverbal way to inspire a change of view. Dancing in the public space is thus confronting body and sensations directly to the 'social body'; it means revealing yourself to others, making contact with the world and suggesting a new way to relate to the urban environment. Closer to our human essence, in harmony with to the whole ecosystem in motion. 

In practice

The 5 short films we will be shooting share a same storyline, and each episode explores one bothering element of our modern lives:

  • EPISODE 1 is about becoming aware of our bodies. Knowing your body and taking care of it, are key issues of life protection and of the environment in general. This episode will be interpreted by a solo contemporary dancer on a rooftop in Ixelles neighborhood, at dawn.
  • EPISODE 2 confronts the human body with its urban environment. The incongruity of the noise of the city, the constant visual pollution, the indifference in peoples eyes and the lack of interaction between citizens are faced here. A young neo-classic dancer will discover and confront this complex environment in the streets of Brussels.
  • EPISODE 3 adds the human component whilst pursuing to discover the elements of the two previous ones: in this film we wish to reflect on the relationships we have with other human beings and on the diversity of emotions that unite us. That is why we offer a tango-salsa quartet right in Gare du Nord, Schaerbeek.
  • EPISODE 4 makes the connection between everything and everyone. The peacefulness is disturbed by a sense of being powerless to make a big change in this world and our actions irrelevant. A solo performance in the square Ambiorix will be making this statement.
  • EPISODE 5 is the peak of our series, the call for action and movement. In the European district a hiphop crew questions the power relationships and domination between humans once a group is organized.

Who is participating?

Diverse young people aged between 16 and 30. All coming from different countries and backgrounds but all living in Brussels, Belgium.

We have gathered amateurs as well as professionals (dancers, musicians, filmmakers, …) for a collaborative and inclusive work, in which each and everyone can share ideas and put into practice their skills.

Our team



The project's schedule

May - June 2019: Film pre-production and dance rehearsals

July 2019: Film shooting

Summer 2019: Film post-production

September 2019: Launch party and film premiere

Those who already support us

Our principal support comes from the french NGO AYYA (, that promotes a relational approach to sustainable development.

The young European network Youth & Environment Europe ( is our second privileged partner.

We also work in collaboration with the ‘Alternative Urbanization’ group of the CDNEE (Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe).

We have also extended our collaboration to various professionals, including dance schools of Brussels and dance companies, Belgian cultural centers and artists such as the composers Etienne Gauthier and the filmmaker Ivan-Petko Ognyanov.

Waar dient de collecte voor

Our goal is to produce 5 quality short films that we will be able to broadcast on various platforms (film festivals, seminars, social platforms, etc.).

That is why we need YOUR HELP!

Our fundraising will enable us to:

  • Hire a professional filmmaker that will accompany our work from the preparation to the final cut, to guarantee a quality visual appearance. BUDGET +- 2.500 €
  • Rent dance studios for the dancers to rehearse their choreographies. BUDGET 100 €
  • Provide the necessary equipment for the shooting (steady-cam, lights, make-up, costumes, catering, etc.). BUDGET 1.500 €
  • Finance the post-production for good promotion. BUDGET 300 €
  • Organize workshops and seminars in the Fall 2019 on the topic of Art, ecological commitment and activism. BUDGET 500€

Our whole Cœur à Corps team thanks you from the bottom of our hearts! Now, let's go back to work ;)

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