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Four years after the release of The Sleep in Me, here comes the fourth album.



CØLLAPSE recalls a fall, a state of unchanging instability down to nothingness.

This concept takes shape through an instrumental music made to create an ambiguous world with strong rhythms and progressive frames, ornamented with heady arpeggi and slicks of electronic sounds.



The band from Grenoble released its debut album in 2011 eponymously called Cøllapse. Made of instrumental music, it was mostly influenced by Muse and Archive rock and film heritage, Mogwai's post-rock atmosphere, and Porcupine Tree's sophisticated music frame.

Their second album, The Fall, was released in 2013. Even though it remains in the same line as the previous one, the music evolved to a heavier sound, a darker universe, yet still inspired by the same artists.


The Sleep in Me, released in 2017, shifted from heavy to dreamy. The album structure is decidedly more progressive as it was inspired by new musical influences such as Pink Floyd, Anathema or Pineapple Thief.



Since the release of The Sleep in Me, Cøllapse includes video screenings into their concerts to immerse the audience into more visual and emotional experience. The new album and the new shows will pursue this as Cøllapse collaborated with several visual artists to enhance the audience multisensorial experience.


Since 2018, Cøllapse touring rates expanded exponentially ; the band held many gigs in France and even toured Netherlands in 2019.



Ἀνάγκη, the band's fourth album, marks a change of approach in Cøllapse's music.

Even though he joined the band in 2016, it was a first timer for Erwan, the bassist, to fully contribute to the writing and framing of the tunes. He even took the band's other members to explore new musical worlds and work methods.


Similarly to the previous ones, Ἀνάγκη is a concept album. With a frame intimately linked to its theme, it delivers a darker, more intense and more violent music than what the band is known to make.

New musical influences can be heard ; Russian circles, Opeth or even God is an astronaut. They all inspired the band in its creative process, either in the record player or during tours.


This shows the band's will to implement music as a real and unique mean of expression, erasing the line between post and progressive rock, whilst remaining at midway with metal. Yet, all they expect is for the audience to remember what is important : Emotions.



Musically, the band's will is to differentiate  Ἀνάγκη from the previous studio albums with experimenting live recording for the first time.

Eliott Tordo, from Sun Tzu Records, was hired to record the takes. The drums, bass and rhodes parts were recorded whilst the band was on a concert setup in Le Versoud, France. The guitar, keyboards and arrangements were made in his Grenoble studio.

James Leonard, from Plastic Lobster Studios in Grenoble, was trusted with the audio mixing and mastering of the album. He also supervised the choices of the sounds and the reamping. 

As a result of these cooperations, Cøllapse delivers an intense and gutsy album for which the quality of the overall sound sublimes the dynamic of the stage performance.

The visual identity of the album ; the album jacket, the layout and the logo, were designed, as usual, by Julie Barruel, who has been collaborating with the band since its debut.



Ἀνάγκη includes 9 tracks for a global length of about 50 to 55 minutes.

It will be released as a CD and will be available on most  music streaming platforms.

The band will probably include its entire discography as well.


As we previously did for The sleep in me, we plan to release this new album on a limited edition double vinyl record which will include live bonus tracks only available in this format.


Depending on our budget, our new artworks will probably be printed for merchandising purposes, either on tee-shirts or other goodies... nothing has been decided yet. Either way, we will be  waiting for the prototype to unveil it.


We would like to thank you very much for your support, and we sincerely hope that you will like this new album as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Waar dient de collecte voor

Our estimated budget was calculated to meet our ambitions :

Recording → 2500€

Audio mixing + mastering → 2000€

CD pressing → 1200€

SDRM pressing rights → 750€

Vinyl record pressing → 2000€

Teeshirt printing → 1200€

(A music video is also due to be shot but the budget has not been estimated yet)

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