Con'scient, a platform for the exchange and discovery of alternatives

My conscience and I want to introduce today’s transition heroes! Help us so that everyone can be inspired by them and act on their own!

Project visual Con'scient, a platform for the exchange and discovery of alternatives
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Con'scient, a platform for the exchange and discovery of alternatives

<h2><strong>Have you ever thought about creating a project but you didn&rsquo;t know how or where to start? </strong></h2> <p>Permaculture, renewable energy educational centers, alternative schools&hellip;! All these projects are inspiring, concrete and sometimes well documented, but they are lacking a deep diving into their making.</p> <h2><strong>Do you know how to create a project from beginning to end?</strong></h2> <p>Well, neither do we! We don&rsquo;t even know how to create a youtube channel! Or, more accurately, we&rsquo;re currently watching our 18th youtube video about it!<br /> <br /> So we decided, my conscience and I, <em>well, mostly it decided&hellip; let&rsquo;s not talk about it</em>, we decided to go meet these agents of change!<br /> We&rsquo;re going to meet them, work with them, understand how their different projects work and we&rsquo;ll introduce you to all that in our videos!</p> <h2><strong>Disclaimer&nbsp;! </strong></h2> <p>We&rsquo;re not going to just do a few videos and leave you hanging like that, no! We&rsquo;ll give you <strong>all the info you need to create your own projects</strong> (all the necessary steps, interviews - including feedbacks from the projects managers&hellip;) that way, if you are interested in creating a project <em>(or if you&rsquo;re just lazy&hellip;&nbsp; ermmm, curious, sorry!)</em><strong> you will have a good foundation at your disposal!</strong></p> <p>By&nbsp;the way, I haven&rsquo;t introduced myself! I am Nono, also known as Arnaud, and you can find a little summary of how I got here right there!</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><img alt="" src="" width="100%" /></p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

Allocation of funds

<p>This is not to help me buy food or my morning coffee! The money will be used to buy the camera I need in order to offer you the content with the best quality possible.</p> <hr /> <p><strong>The image, indispensable if I want have videos with more than 7 pixels:<br /> 500&euro;</strong>&nbsp;should be enough to buy a good second hand camera (that way we avoid using new material when there are perfectly functioning cameras already available)</p> <hr /> <p><strong>The sound, even more important than the image:<br /> 150&euro;</strong>&nbsp;will go to the material dedicated to get the best sound possible (recorder and lapel microphone), once again, second hand.</p> <hr /> <p><strong>And we need to talk&nbsp; about the editing too, because you wouldn&rsquo;t enjoy my 84&nbsp;985 rushs per video:<br /> 1000&euro;</strong>&nbsp;will go toward buying a great laptop able to handle the best editing softwares!</p>


I can send a hug, right?


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Kisses, a BIG thank you and a hug for you! =)

Give me your name, I'll tell you where you appear


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Your name will appear at the end of the video in the thank you section!

Sweet words to warm hearts!


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I'll send you a special postcard with the Fizzer App. You will not have the classic sunset or the sandy beach that appears on all classic postcards! No, since my own photos will be directly printed on the paper! Oh, a detail, the shipment will be from France directly, it will avoid this poor postcard to cross the entire Atlantic!

When video you will receive, for sure yes you will laugh!


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Well, I'm willing to do everything I can, but I and the people I'll be filming have a chance to blow a fuse from time to time! So, I propose to send you a little blooper of the first videos!

You will eat at my place ... =)


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I promise to learn good recipes from countries I'll go, to invite you to my place in Paris when I get home and to prepare them, peacefully, while you'll be drinking aperitif =) Failing to be able to make the X thousands of kilometers that can possibly separate us, I will send you this precious recipe at your place so that you can try it and then show off (what I'm going to do, let it be said)

You decide, I execute myself!


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Well, at this level, I believe that you can have the right to choose what theme you want me to developp. Starting from this, I will try to find the right initiative !

I'll teach you, you'll see!


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Since I got back, once my brain is filled with many new knowledge that I have acquired, I pledge to come and say hello at you place (if it's physically doable, if you live in China just forget it!). But I will not come just to give you a hug, no no, I will share, according to your preferences and my learning, the knowledge that I will have acquired! The basics of permaculture, alternatives methods of education, the management of your waste, the manufacture of home-made products, and plenty of other fun stuff in perspective!

Are you kidding me ?


Naaaaaah, I know you won't do it, I'm not going to fill this one ...

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