Concert "À Part” 2017

Finance a video recording and professional photography of the event Concert À Part 2017, centred on the performance of a mysterious artist!

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Concert "À Part” 2017

Concerts "À Part"

(In French “à part”, means “apart from” or “aside”, it relates to something which is outside of what is common and expected. It is also an invitation to step into a magical moment which will transport you outside of your everyday lives)

Concerts "À Part"

Our family dream (inspired by our home) has been coming true in the last two years.

It is a private concert which we organise in the courtyard of our family home: an old castle at the heart of the department of Corrèze, which came back to life after several years of solitude. This beautiful place in the middle of nature makes our annual concert a magical, ephemeral, and suspended moment, and a great time for sharing and marvelling at the starry sky.

Our hope is to create another way of experiencing a concert. A unique proximity with the artist creates a certain intimacy which hopefully thrills and moves the public.

- The entry to the concert is free in order to insure that money is not an issue for anyone who may want to attend.

- At the end of the concert the members of the public give the sum the see fit, freely and consciously.

- Each “guest” bring a dish of food to share a meal at the concert.

- An organic, local, artisanal refreshment bar, where refreshments can be bought, will be available too.

Our friends, our friends’ friends, our neighbours… make up the public. The only limit is the size of our courtyard. During our annual concert, it is important for us to invite people from diverse origins (some of whom may not often go to concerts or other performances), who can come together at our concert to share an intense and unique moment. Art and music bring us together and connect us.

 For the artist, the goal is to give them a very enthusiastic public and an opportunity to make a name for themselves, especially amongst the producers and programmers of the region who are invited to our concert.

“Autonomous learning” constitutes the natural and spontaneous source of knowledge and skills in our family. We dreamed of organising a concert in our home because it is an ideal place for that. And when we heard the song “Je Glisse” by the duo Scotch & Sofa in the movie "En quête de sens", we were completely charmed: We wanted this duo for our first private concert, this became possible thanks to a great synchronisation, which I would be happy to tell you about if we ever have a bit of time. We learned how to organise a concert by “doing”: from the relationship with the artist, to technical needs, the decoration, logistics and financial management, as well as the advertisement of the event… It was a wonderful experience which taught us a lot.

Of course, those projects would never come to life without the support and enthusiasm of our family, our friends, and the woofers (volunteers from around the world who have come to help us for several years now and who share moments of your family life) who participate in the organisation of the event as volunteers.

The Concerts "À Part" are first and foremost a human adventure, based on trust, sharing, solidarity, and learning.

1st concert "À Part" in 2015.

Chloé Monin from the duo « Scoth & Sofa » came and enchanted us with her music. We had put the piano in the courtyard and hundreds of candles in the trees…



2nd Concert "À Part" in 2016

The group "Old’treez" accepted our invitation. We were already 90 people who came to enjoy and live this event which was truly “À Part”



Unfortunately, we do not have any good videos or pictures of these concerts. This is what we would like to improve this year.


For the third edition of this event, a young artist (whose identity remains a surprise) has accepted to come perform for us, we are very moved by his voice and talent. Specialised media and a few amateurs have notices him and are already under the spell of his musical universe. He seems to be a rising star which unlikely to stop his ascension anytime soon.

We are truly incredibly lucky that he has accepted our invitation to come enchant our corrézian countryside. His identity is a secret for now and will be revealed to you little by little to foster your curiosity and to let your imagination run wild. 



We do not want to keep this privilege for ourselves and we would like to enable more people than the ones that can fit in our courtyard to share this unique moment. This is why your help is crucial. We would like the joy and emotions aroused by our events to go beyond our countryside and for YOU to have access to the magic of this evening one way or another.


This is why, this year for the Concert "À Part" 2017 which will take place on Friday the 25th of August, we are setting up a crowdfunding and asking for your help to enable people we do not know (you, for example!) or who live too far away, to enjoy the concert via the video recording of 2 songs (or to enable those who will be present to keep a memory of the concert).

In addition, we would like to invite the professional photographer François Reumont to our concert "À Part" so that he may sublimate the artist’s work and enable the public, who will be present or not (you, once again!), to obtain pictures of this evening.

These photos and videos will also help us with the promotion and the invitation of an artist for the Concert "À Part" 2018, and to allow our event to become even more significant

YOU, of course, will be the first recipients of these photos and of this video recording which you will have contributed to financing.

Finally, to give you a real chance to embark on our adventure, we will be organising a random draw on the 18th of August (live on Facebook) to choose, amongst all contributors, people who will be invited to the Concert "À Part" 2017.

Waar dient de collecte voor

The total budget estimated for our concert "À Part" 2017 as a whole is 3 500€

The money raised through this crowdfunding will only be used to fund the video recording and professional photography of the concert, which amounts to 1 900€ (which includes service fees and the 8% fee of KissKissBankBank).


1st level of funding - Video recording: 1400€

- Recording of the concert (organisation, logistics, renting of video equipment, audio and lighting, editing, digital broadcasting) and the realisation of a film of 2 of the songs chosen by the artist, which will be given to all the crowdfunding contributors: 1100 €

- Decor, and lighting specifically for the video recording (candles, fairy lights, lanterns, light spot, lights in the trees and bushes) to keep an intimate setting and atmosphere: 300 €


2nd level of funding – Professional photography: 500 €

- le travail du photographe François Reumont qui prendra des photos toute la soirée, acquisition des droits de 10 photos et tirages photos pour les contributeurs.

-the work of the professional photograph François Reumont who will be taking pictures throughout the entire evening, right acquisition of 10 pictures, and prints of the photos for the contributors

Fabienne Degorce, the main organiser of the event, will receive the totality of this crowdfunding on her account and will obviously use it exclusively for the Concert "À Part", while awaiting the creation of an association which will be dedicated to the creation and realisation of events "À Part".


And what would happen if we raised more than 1 900€ ?

If you were to raise more than the needed sum, we would be overjoyed and very thankful.

- We could consider working with a professional graphic designer to improve the promotion of our events, our logo, and our communication. Cost: 500€

- We would have a “kitty” to give a more realistic sum of money to the artist who will be performing at our concert, and to ensure that these evenings will continue in the future. And why not invite famous artists who could enjoy experiencing once again the intimacy and atmosphere of the beginning of their careers in an approach of voluntary simplicity for our next concert "À Part".

- We would also like to conceive and create an original structure so that the concerts can take place even if it is raining. This would be a considerable budget which certainly requires a preliminary study.

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