Corydoras - Environment Cleaner, we start with plastic.

Come and support Corydoras, THE solution to fight the plastic that pollutes our lives! Environmental, ecological and social project

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Voor €7.000
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Corydoras - Environment Cleaner, we start with plastic.

Waar dient de collecte voor

To achieve this goal, the Corydoras project needs to raise € 15,000. This amount will allow us to collect plastic waste for 3 months, at a rate of 100kg per day.


After 3 months, the project can be self-financed.


From the reception of the first palliated of collection of € 7 000 I will order a plastic crusher to transform the harvested plastic into flakes. Here is what the machine looks like:



The plastic enters through the white beak, is grinded in the green box, then sucked into the silo to be dumped in a transport bag! It's simple!


Above 7000 € collected, Corydoras will be able to pay the collectors, provide them with harvesting equipment (gloves, bags, t-shirt Corydoras), pay the transportation cost to bring the plastic to local recycling and recycling plants.


The money earned from the resale of this plastic will allow to harvest plastic the the following month and expand the Corydoras movement by investing in other collection and recovery centers.


The goal is to reach a minimum of € 15,000 to make the project really viable and allow the action of Corydoras in the cities and neighboring countries.


I will collect the entire collection

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