Court-métrage "Azalée"

To save the planet, Azalée needs you ! Contribute to the production of a science-fiction 3D animation short film.

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Court-métrage "Azalée"





In a far away future, the unconsciousness and the recklessness of the humans killed the earth. Child of exile’s generations, Azalée only know this planet because of archives she saw. While all the humans forgot it a long time ago, she only dream about one thing : Bring back to life the beautiful star.             









Thanks to a very advanced technology, and some  seeds her ancestors gave her, Azalée embark to accomplish her mission. 



 On this planet with toxic atmosphere, will she achieve her goal ?             








 This short independant movie of about 10 minutes, will be made in 3D only with the free software Blender.             







 The project « Azalée » will talk about a very topical subject : Can men really live and prosper without destroying their environment ?             



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To save the planet, Azalée needs you !


I’m working on this project since a few month now, and with the help of my friend Lily Daumen, freelance photographer and graduate « cinema technician », we elaborated the scenario, storyboard and the characters. Because of my really old material, the project cannot succeed, and that’s why i need your support to bring Azalée to life !             



 Your precious contribution will be use for :             


- The hardware equipment : 830€


For the realization of some complex scene, it is necessary for me to modernize my work material which is too old and not enough powerful. Without it, i won't be able to create this project. For example, the making of the video presentation has been a real fight against the machine and i'm not really happy about the result. There's some incoherence in the dialogues but my computer couldn't do any better. 


- The interventions : 770€


To make this project come true, i'll need help on different level :


- the acting : so the main character can be more realistic than ever (ex : in her moves...)

- the sound design : to illustrate all the sounds of the short film. 3D production is devoid of sound atmosphere and Sound designer is a meticulous and very important job. 

3D realizations : As i choose to work largely alone in the 3D creation, i'll need a few help for the realization of objects and environments. I'll engage some 3D artists to assist me in a few task to lighten my work. 


- The rendering : 2100€


The final rendering will be the most expensive step of the short film. The process of the creation of images is very long and needs some rendering servers. Available online, the charges of the rendering are very expensive. It charges for every single minute of working servers. In our case, there will be complicated scenes to render that will possibly go up to 30min/images. At the rate of 24 images/seconds, the price of the rendering will be very important.


The more we'll get money, the more we'll be able to do an amazing work! 


- Various expenses as for the KKBB's commission (10%), the participation of several festivals... : 500€







If you have any questions about the movie or the financing of this project, feel free to contact me here :  

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