Court métrage "La Piscine"

Please help me to finance my first short movie, "La Piscine "! Thank you very much! Rosa

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Court métrage "La Piscine"



A young girl, Rebecca, has decided to go to the swimming pool. We follow her exhaustive preparation to leave the house, during which she allows herself to be distracted by anything and everything. The distractions become increasingly comical as she becomes more and more distracted and we realize that she does not truly want to go to the pool at all. Her decision to go is an obligation that she tries to avoid and the situation develops into farce. 











" La Piscine " is a comedy about fear. Fear of action, of doing things the wrong way. It´s also about our day-to-day tragedies; our laziness, our loneliness. The film will explore our propensity for procrastination. Why do we waste time rather than applying ourselves to achieving the things we want? Is it rooted in our desire for perfection and fear of failure? 


This act -

Procrastination – originating perhaps from childhood, when her mother told her to tidy her bedroom. It is an act of resistance, a manifestation of the girl’s independence. The girl enjoys the quiet rebellion of those precious moments before she submits to her mother’s wishes and tidies her room.


“Get in the bath!”

“Not right away.”


“Get out of the bath!”

“Five more minutes.”


“Come to dinner!”

“I’m coming.”


How do these moments of gentle resistance to parental authority translate when we are grown up? Do we continue to play the game, only by ourselves? We are late, we are cowardly, we delay. As a result, even the simplest task can seem insurmountable.


“I will begin the diet on Monday.”

“Tonight I will smoke my last cigarette.”

“My New Year’s Resolution is to…”


What are the limits of our commitment? Why does it inevitably wane? How can we force ourselves to obey the demands that we impose upon ourselves? 






Rosa Bursztein, writer & director





Johann Cuny, collaborator, artistic partner, co-creator of the association " Les Coeurs Insolents" 






Clémence Bezat, set designer, props... in charge of the story board






Emma Bursztejn, costumes






Francesca Ritrovato, Italian translator 






Claudia Paterson, English translator







Thank you to...



The Villa Di Ulignano, Paola Stellato, Caroline Goodall, Olivia Hetreed, James V.Hart and Joanna Murray Smith for their help, support and encouragement.














Some Influences



Comedians Louis CK, Ricky Gervais, Adam Samberg, Tina Fey and Kristen Wiig 

Lena Dunham: actress/writer/director and creator of the hit show " Girls" (with the gorgeous and so talented Adam Driver) 






But also...







Waar dient de collecte voor

This sum would enable me to fund my project’s:

Crew, location, technical equipment and transportation.

In short, it would ensure that the shoot could run smoothly, over three days, in a calm, professional environment.


Below I have summarized the budgetary requirements of the project:


Technical equipment: €2000

Transportation/Expenses: €1500

Post-Production: €2000

Crew: €800

Costume & Set dressing: €500

Total: €6800










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