CoussiNet': Le joli coussinet qui nettoie tous vos écrans.

NET' ECRANS: The small microfiber cushion that cleans your tablet and smartphone!

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CoussiNet': Le joli coussinet qui nettoie tous vos écrans.



The company


Studioloco is a fresh new company based in Paris, France. Studioloco's aim is to develop and sell everyday products that have the following characteristics:


- Engaging and useful

- Delightful and refreshing in design

- Environmentally friendly

- Following ethical manufacturing standards


We have the ambition to create a sustainable consumer act, products with a low carbon footprint.




The product:


Our first emblematic product is a small ultra soft microfiber cushion that cleans tablets and smartphones.










Convenient in size and practical in function, Net’Ecrans zips fingerprints and smudges away from phones, computer screens, TVs. Also, suitable for the little glass coffee table or the windshield of your cozy car.




The product allows unlimited creativity within the printing process. 

Its manufacturing requires sewing skill and therefore can be done by various work profiles, such as workers with disabilities, or single women searching for additional revenues.


Our first line has 21 different models.








Microfiber textile is manufactured in Spain.

Inside filling is recycled fiber, produced in France.

Sewing is made in France.







Waar dient de collecte voor

The collection will be used to launch our first manufacturing batch: Buying raw material and financing manufacturing labor:


                                   Couture3-1415790638   Couture2-1415790704


- Fabric manufacturing: 1345€ (approx.1672$) - Inside filling: 66€ (approx.82$)

- Binding: 627€ (approx.780$)

- Packaging: 255€ (approx.317$)

- Sewing: 2295€ (approx. 2855$)

- Technical fees: 335€ (approx. 416$)


TOTAL 4923€ (approx. 6122$)



We use kisskissbankbank crowdfunding platform in order to get financial help to start this new company, but also to give the project a nice start on social network. Help us to make this product discovered by all your friends, family and colleagues!




The compensation is always products (that we ship worldwide) 







We are sure you will love it!



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Geschatte levering: januari 2015

For 100€, you get 10 Net’Ecrans small cushions that you can choose from 21 models, and a free lunch in Paris in order to let you know us and our project a bit more, and in order for us to know you! Limited quantity for 3 very curious persons, that will be in Paris in the following months… Your products will be given during the lunch.
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