Création d'une salle dédiée à la musique intuitive, au coeur de Lyon!

Participate in the creation of a unique place to practice intuitive music, and easily experience the fun and benefits of sound ! Lyon - France

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Voor €20.000
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Création d'une salle dédiée à la musique intuitive, au coeur de Lyon!




      A standing music store and workshop in France!


The music instruments store Pick & Boch, that will house the room dedicated to intuitive music, has been created in 1979 by two childhood friends : Bernard Boch and Richard Pick.


Since its creation, this store has differenciated form others by its specialization in ancient and contemporary music instruments from around the world and... unexpected ones!

Bernard now stands alone at the helm of this unusual boat, with the rest of his team.


This store? A real Ali Baba's cave, people used to say!


Have a look on the music shop website to get convinced...





  A store known around the world!


Many professional artists and musicians appreciate to come and find inspiration at our place!

All of them are discovering, most of the time with wonder, the intuitive music instruments that we offer and their rich harmonic sounds.



Hugh Laurie



David Crosby

"Bernard , you have the most beautiful music shop in the world".


Elton john band  

"Amazing place!"


Yael Naïm

"We dreamed of it and it exists! Here it is... So see you very soon and for a long time"


Nolween Leroy

"A moment of escape in this magic cave where time stops..."


Mathieu Chedid -M-

"Thanks for all these dreams, this magic. One of the most beautiful music store that I know".







      Innovative music workshops! 


We have been proposing many initiation to intuitive instruments workshop for two years.

Demand for participation to these workshops have strongly increased and they are extremely successful.

So much so that necessity for a new room dedicated to these workshop has become an evidence!


These activities are currently led in one of the two showroom of the store, which implies that we empty several times a week this room, heap the instruments, and close it to visitors...


These constraints prevent us to give the rise that we wish to this sector!












        A dedicated room to intuitive music


The solution? Remove the stockpile of the shop and transform a room, where we currently store music instruments, carton and boxes, in a room solely dedicated to these meetings, workshops, concerts ans other initiation sessions to intuitive music!


This future wonderful place, here it comes in picture!


Yes... There is quite some xwork to make it inspiring and warm!

But Yes! It's possible! That's why we need you!






      By the way, what is actually intuitive music??


Il is accessible to all of us because the instrument used to play it require little pratice to make it nice and fun (a fex hours).


Amongst them, we find traditionnal music instruments (lyre, drums, tampura...) and more modern ones (hand pan, sanzas, anantar...).


It can be played alone, but reveals its potential in a group pratice where magic based on mutual listening allows to create melodies and soundscapes that open the imagination.


Voice finds also at this moment its place in a free and spontaneous expression.






     Ask for the programme!


In our dedicated room, we shall offer a great number of initiation workshop to practice and tune of instruments, and initiation to music instruments repair.


We will propose, like we did for the last two years, a weekly workshop to explore the sound and vibration (Sound in consciousness®), as well as regular sessions of relaxation and chanting practice times.


Concerts will take place there too, given by our team or other artists.




     For who?


For everybody!! 


For kids, young pepole and adults, for desabled people... Everybody can have fun with it! 

In particular, people traumatized by music theory will enjoy the benefits of praticing intuitive music!


Workshops and other activities will be planed at every hour of the day, without worrying to interfere with the good functionning of the shop.









       SUPPORT US!


The future of the shop, in this context of economic turmoil, lives in our adaptation to the needs of the people who come to us.


We need you to valorize this new momentum towards intuitive music!








Waar dient de collecte voor

The funds will be used to renovate two rooms, to purchase dedicated music instruments in order to initiate the activity, and to widely communicate to get people to know these amazing music instruments and our activities.



1- Renovation of the room called Resonnance, currently used as a storage room

(walls, ceiling and ground, facilities and storage, purchase of small equipment and furnishing)

2- Security of the future storage room (reinforced door, electric convector)

3 - Purchase of music instruments dedicated to the activities (kigongkis, tampura, handpan, flutes, bowls...)

4 - Launching  of projets and activities (communication in septembre 2016, advertising insert...)




If the campaign exceeds 20 000 €, we still have a lot of projects and ideas!


- Recording a CD of intuitive music and guided relaxation, editing of books and methods (jaw harp...), pedagogical tools (tune the anantar)...


- Creating new intuitive music instruments

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