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This is a project that was created to support the education of underprivileged girls in Cambodia. Help us to achieve our creations!

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Création Solidaire - Créer, partager, aider

Detailed project

We are college students from the School Jeannine Manuel in Paris, which is a bilingual institution. We know we are very lucky to study in such a school, which familiarizes us with the idea of sharing cultures. In addition to high-level education, we are encouraged to open on other cultures, since many of us have different origins such as: American, English, Peruvian, Hungarian, Iranian and others… This promotes a more nuanced look at the world and causes us to be responsive to those who do not have the same lifestyle, and opportunity as us.



Our creative team : Tiphaine, Hugo, Amandine, Winston, Eva, Lupo, Camille, Jeanne




Our visual team : Samuel, Gabriel, Pedro


An eye on the association ‘Toutes à l’école’


When we saw a report on the association ‘Toutes à l’école’ and on the school built for girls in Cambodia, we have been deeply affected, and shocked to notice that, without the association, those underprivileged girls could not be able to go to school. They would work in the fields or risk to become prostitutes.

What has been achieved in the past nine years by the association, with the help of individuals and companies, is impressive. The fruit of these efforts led to the creation of the Happy Chandara school - a success story. A school almost like our own, but which still needs support to continue the education of those girls. We wanted to contribute to this project despite our limited resources using our will and creativity.





Crédit photo : Grégoire Korganow pour l’association « Toutes à l’école »




Crédit photo : Grégoire Korganow pour l’association « Toutes à l’école »


The idea

We have decided to take action for the progress of the association. Our idea is to create designs on T-shirts, on bags and folders, and then, to finance the production through a campaign of crowdfunding and to organize the sale with our surroundings: in our school, with our family, with our friends…



Our process in 5 steps:






For two months, we have been creating numerous drawings, and after that period of time, judges made their choices on the four drawings that they thought were best amongst all the drawings made by us. We have found messages to transmit to our colleagues in Cambodia. We hope sending encouraging messages through our creations, to our friends in Cambodia. 


The goal is to sell all our creations in favor of the association « Toutes à l’école ».


The 4 winning patterns for the T-shirts : 





The aim of our project


Because our project is something specific, we would like to support the daily life of the Happy Chandara school. The boarding school currently hosts 53 boarders from 6 years old (level 1) to 16 years old (level 8).



Crédit photo : Grégoire Korganow pour l’association « Toutes à l’école »




Crédit photo : JF Mousseau pour l’association « Toutes à l’école »


The taking made will help fund essential needs for every girl in the boarding school :

Hygiene packed ; Outfits packed ; Family food packed ; Excursions on weekends.





Crédit photo : « Toutes à l’école »



The project is based on the concept of social and environmental respect

We will work only with manufacturers based in France that ensure and certify that their products are fair and ethical origin. For T- shirts these include a cotton quality 100% organic.






Waar dient de collecte voor

What is the purpose of your contribution?


The money raised will help fund:


• The purchase of 350 cotton T -shirts 100% ecological bio in various sizes for men and women: 1650 euros


• Digital printing of these t-shirts with 5 different patterns ( with the technical costs) : 1600 euros


• Printing and buying bracelets, folders and bags: 500 euros


• Not to mention the part of KissKissBankBank: 8%


If the goal of Euro 4000 would be exceeded, the supplement will be invested in the realization of our creations with the most varied drawings and a larger amount.




Our partners 
















Thank you for your interest and generosity!







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