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We just won the 1st place of the "World Festival Of Underwater Pictures" with our latest composition! We got the "Golden Palm" !!!

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:-) DCA (-:

We are composers of film music, video games, and everything related to the image. We need you to gain access to the circle music professionals. We are finally ready to open the doors and we only lack today that a budget.


November 1st, 2014 we won the 1st place of the "World Festival Of Underwater Pictures" with our latest composition!

Here we are with a beautiful "Golden Palm" and the prize of "François de Roubaix" !!! :)






The funding will cover the costs that will professionalize our project such as:


- Registration for contests of international music for movies and video games.


- Subscriptions to social networking sites and professional websites to be more noticeable for labels and publishers.


- The purchase and access to the addresses and contacts of industry professionals worldwide (Labels, A & R, Publishers, Music Licencers).


- Consultations with a lawyer who deals with publishing contracts, exclusive and non-exclusive contracts, royalties and royalties sync.


- The creation and improvement of our website.

- The visual part and graphic development of DCA (logo, covers, concept ...)

- Marketing expenses and launch.


- The purchase of a second podcast software and music production directly connected via internet for complete compatibility of our workstations. This will allow us finally to compose in real time on the same software, one of us is in Perpignan, FRANCE and the other in the United States in southern Arizona.






Nothing is official yet, but here are some examples that we enjoyed ourselves!

The commercial video was devoid of sound: 100% of what you'll hear was realized by us, from creating up to the final mastering.


Here's a trailer than we made... We created the music, sound effects, noises, even the dialog replacement... Pure happiness!


The last one ... Just for fun!




Waar dient de collecte voor



Two "geeks" passionate about music and new technologies who defend nature and animal life and never hesitate to create some of our instruments with whatever comes to hand.

Graduates of music conservatories, sound engineering and sound design schools, with both of us combined we have over 60 years of experience in all genres, from the stage to the studio ... Everything inspires us and nothing can stop us !!





We are currently doing the development of our web site, logo, design etc...


We are currently preparing for the presentation and display of our work at the professional level in the world of the multimedia music industry.


We currently have 9 songs ready to be under a license agreement and eight others are under way.



After only seven months, one of our composition was noticed and was selected on March 25, 2014 by the American label & Publisher "ReverbNation" in their department "A & R" (Artists & Repertoire). So we are now classified as "featured artists" and included into their catalog !!

And we will keep going further!






We have a perfect mastery of composition, arrangements, sound effects, synchronization, mixing and mastering.

Therefore, we eliminate many steps in the process of music production.

We both have a professional, high quality, "home studio" with the exception of sound processing in 5.1 (the "surround" sound system in three dimensions such as the sound in theaters) which will be our next step because it is extremely expensive...





- With a simple "LIKE" on our facebook page.


- Sharing our Facebook page on your own facebook or your other websites.


- A "like" on our facebook posts.


- Leave comments on our facebook posts.


- Follow us on our facebook page.


- Subscribe to our mailing list to be informed of the progress of the project.

(We hate spamming, your email will never be shared, traded or even sold!).






To make things fun we created our financing plan under the guise of a video game which is an intergalactic adventure...









Let's go for an adventure!


First goal is "LEVEL 1" to 1000 Euros!


- Buy your passport (for only 3 euros) and get on the spaceship with us!


- The larger the amount will increase and more the DCA spaceship is going to approach its final destination... The Galaxy of Khazan Cluster at 10000 Euros.


Invite your friends and create the adventure !!!

Each investment get some offered gifts!




Don't forget your passport! :)


Are you ready to board the spaceship DCA85719AZ?

Destination: Galaxy of Khazan Cluster

Trip duration: 45 days / 5 stops



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