De l'eau pour tous / Water for all / Agua para todos

For accessibility to drinking water in Africa becomes an obligation. Let us restore this inequality.

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De l'eau pour tous / Water for all / Agua para todos



Based on the bitter yet realistic observation that a humanitarian mission has a helpful yet limited scope of action on site, and after more than 5 years of strong involvment in the conception of humanitarian projects for water accessibility in Africa, Mr. Maquet Kévin, founder, and myself, Mr Dal cero Romaric, co-founder in charge of the development, have decided in 2014 to adjust our relatively comfortable life in Paris to set up our company. BSLV (Bonne Santé - Longue Vie) was founded, along with the hope to witness a significant change. 


Why this particular cause ? Contrary to popular misconceptions, Africa has many ground water resources. Many humanitarian projects in Africa perform well drillings to provide access to water. Such operation being often costly, most organisations do not have the required funds to guarantee a pure and safe water output and the related sanitary consequences are catastrophic. Even today, African countries do not have any infrastructure, whether individual or collective, in villages or cities, for a viable and sustainable treatment of water on a national level, causing premature deaths due to bacteria. 




Our project: Self-financing is the key. It is not about pointing out the lack of actions of the government in terms of water purification in its country, but more like coming up with "low- priced viable" solutions. Our company has the role of trusted mediator for the government, but also for our French manufacturing partner for collective and individual drinking water accessibility. The aim is to lower the manufacturing costs to the minimum and then design a self-financing plan to the concerned government. This plan aims at marketing to households with the adequate purchasing power to afford an individual water purification channel system and then reinvest the proceeds of this sale (water purification channel system+ logistics costs) in the financing of a new channel system for a household who cannot afford it. This is a way to round everything off, since every social class can be affected by water drinking related issues. 



What is a water purification channel system ? A water purification channel system, whether individual or collective, purifies water to make it fit for consumption by removing 99% of impurities. It includes a water plant and a UV purifier which guarantee a pure and safe water output. Our asset is the energy self-sufficiency of the channel, thanks to solar power, and can be used with any water source - wells, drillings - and even as connected to a water network. In addition, the water purification channel system complies with French sanitary standards, as it is ACS (French Health compliance Certificateur).





Why a company ? Humanitarian works fall within the French legal status of "non-profit making organisation" which requires to work with funds raised by donations. This innovative method shall allow viable and sustainable exchanges and clearly settle a climate of trust, by focusing on our non-profit making aspect.


Why choosing us rather than a funding agency ? In 2014, we initiated a funding process through international investment bodies. After examination, the project was awarded a $200,000 investment, which we eventually declined. Why ? Because a financing loan implies a return on investment, and we definitely refuse to see any external actor, or even us, making any financial profits. This is against what we actually want to achieve and against the original ambition of its founders. However, for transparency purposes, we estimate a net profit of €30 per channel system sold to the governement, which we shall perceive so as to pay any corporate tax and for a potential futur market in another country.


Why betting on us ? The key asset of BSLV is all the contacts gathered by its founding member, during his years of active participation into humanitarian projects, and which include members of African governments like Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Gabon, Benin or Nigeria. 2014 was all about attracting potential markets. We traveled many times to Ivory Coast. Why this country ? Ivory Coast has now a great reputation in Africa, and is an outstanding pioneer for the other countries. During our trips, we used our local connections and we finally were granted an interview with the Minister of Interior and Development in June 2015. After examination of our application, we are now expected to perform a demonstration in October 2015, and this is why we need you... 


Waar dient de collecte voor

Transparency for your financing. A demonstration for a government implies many costs: purchasing costs for the channels systems to our supplier, logistics and transportation costs, and also travel costs for us. This marketing phase also features a one-week trial period on site, within governmental households, including the home of the Ministry himself. We estimate the total cost would be approximately of €12,300 distributed as follows :



The test phase includes the installation and monitoring of government performance in 5 households (including that of the Minister of Environment, Energy, Development, Water and Forestry and Agriculture).



+ € 5,990 Purchase of 5 water purification chains with solar sensors

+ € 1,090 for travel expenses (Air Freight)

+ € 600  customs fees  



+ € 1,230 including airline ticket Go - Back (Founder and Co-founder)

+ € 286 for accommodation expenses (hotel in a standard double room)

+ € 330 cost of food for the week



+ € 610 airline ticket Go - back

+ € 244 for accommodation expenses (hotel standard single room)

+ € 170 cost of food for the week

+ € 950 compensation  



+ € 800 to rent a commercial vehicle (insurance and fuel)



Any extra amount collected shall be assigned to the performance of new demonstrations in Burkina Faso, Gabon, Benin and Nigeria, where we already have solid contact with their respective governments, without forgetting all others countries from African continent, which also need drinking water.



Where do we stand now ? 2014 and the first quarter of 2015 have seen many accomplishments: we marketed many companies offering complete channel systems with the best quality-price ratio, we shopped around to lower the costs to the minimum and are ready to sign a collaboration contract with the most competitive of them.

In the meantime, we also conducted market studies about the actual needs of African countries in which we already have governmental connections, and then designed a viable self-financing plan.


We are calling for help. Each and every help you could provide shall be the echo to our determination. Let's work together to put an end to this unfair situation and make the access to drinking water a basic requirement.


PS: We choose to keep some information confidential, such as the name of our supplier, the cost of a water purification channel system or our market studies, so as to avoid any plagiarisme for profit-making purposes.




Dal cero Romaric, co-founder of BSLV, in charge of development 

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