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De La Sierra Café

Our story begins in May 2018

By reading our story, we hope to continue to value and support the activity of our small producers with your help. Your help, even the smallest one, will be of great value to us and our Salvadoran collabrators!


After a trip to El Salvador (Central American country), Amélie and Enzo decided to start a family business to import quality coffee from Latin America.



But why a 25 year old couple decided to invest themselves in such a big project?

Enzo is a member of the 5th generation of micro-batch producers of coffee in El Salvador. No Argueta having had the opportunity for the moment to export coffee to Europe; Enzo, with the help of his darling, embarks on this very exciting project.


Coffee that tell an ancestral story, ancient Mayan lands, will soon be presented to the French, under the brand De La Sierra Café. Amélie and Enzo import coffees from a farm located at 1,400 meters above sea level, from a micro-production of his family, with first priority, respect for workers, and fair trade.



Thanks to this project, they will have the opportunity to work directly with several micro-producers of exceptional coffees, unknown to this day, their production being sold to multinationals, which mix it with other coffees.

After several months of discussion, they returned to El Salvador, to have a training of roasting, barista and tasting, within the El Salvador Coffee Council, and specialize on the profiles and aromas of the coffee of the smallest country in central America.



Our project is to create a specialized roasting! The goal is to roast at the request of each customer (we learn about the different preferences that the customer appreciates the most) and respecting a specific grind to their mode of extraction.

We push the respect of work done upstream, by storing our exceptional grains in ideal conditions respecting all standards.



As we do not want to deprive you to taste the real flavors of coffee exceptions, we planned to go around France from March 2019 to make you discover them !!!


Do not hesitate to give us a boost, the smallest actions can have great repercussions :) !!!


Waar dient de collecte voor

And it is thanks to your cooperation that we will be able to respect the upstream work of producers and workers. We would like to create a storage room that meets all standards:

- Room with constant temperature (4000 euros)

- Humidity rate of the controlled room (3500 euros)

- Each bag of coffee, should be 55 cm from the floor and walls, and be placed on racks, for optimal ventilation (2500 euros)


The grains arrive soon, help us to welcome them in the best possible way!



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