Déplacement au Liban dans le cadre d'un projet d'écriture

We are two film directors who are planning to travel to Lebanon in order to document ourselves for a project movie.

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Déplacement au Liban dans le cadre d'un projet d'écriture

How we met :


After our graduation at the National Film School of Nice (ESRA), we met by chance at a masterclass directed by a great palestinian director Elia Suleiman, a joyful chance which was meant to be.


Both interested by the thematics related to the Middle East and by the beauty of the arabic language, we quickly and strongly believed that our artistically sensibility put together could lead to a human, heart breaking feature film.


Our choice was focalized on a country, Lebanon. 




For what reason ? Attached to his country Lebanon, Anthony has long time desired to speak of his country, of his roots.

Maybe its also his way to get to know more and feel closer to his country.


As for Coralie she was always fascinated by the arabic language and also the history, politics of the countries in the Middle East and the richness of oriental art.

Her favorite movie ? Wajda directed by Haifaa Al Mansour, first saudi arabian female filmmaker. Coralie’s love for the cedar country began from her trip to Lebanon and the relationships she made.





                 Kfarzeina, village located on the northern side of Lebanon



Our project :


Our desire is to write and direct a feature film about the orphans victims of the lebanese civil war (1975-1990). After a first research, we discovered the existence of an orphanage in Lebanon who and still welcome children of all cultures and religions. In our feature film, we would like to recreate a fictional orphanage in an attempt to film the reconstruction of orphans traumatized by the war and the loss of their families. We hope our project reaches and carries a universal message above and beyond all borders.





                                              Syrian refugees at Kfarzeina



Our Trip to Lebanon :


At this point we have been lucky to communicate with some people who have lived or worked in this orphanage.


What we are preparing now is our trip to Lebanon, a vital step of this project faced with the reality of our project’s story.


In spite of our fictional project we hope to be inspired by these characters, their stories and anecdotes that they confined to enrich our subject and render our intention more authentic as possible.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank each person and all associations that we contacted and who have already given us hope.


We also would like to visit Kfarzeina in attempt to locate shooting areas as we wish to film some part there as well.





Biographies :


Coralie Prosper :


Coralie Prosper is born the 26th september 1990 in Cannes. She was quickly attached by artistic world. Beginning with theatre, she followed a vocational training at the Drama School of Bastia. At the age of 16, she abandoned acting and concentrated entirely to scriptwriting and filmmaking. She integrated the National Film school of Nice. Her studies enabled her to direct two short movies Adieu et à Bientôt and Mathi(eu) diffused in a large number of international festivals. Now she is concentrating in producing her first professional short movie Goodbye Pantalon and the script of her first feature film.



Anthony Seklaoui


Anthony Seklaoui is born on the 18th september 1987 in Cagnes sur Mer. After his high school diploma he discovers his love for film photography and begins to be interested in Cinema. He direct his first short movie for his graduation Callipolis. The film talks about the meeting of a young illiterate gangster and an old author. The film had a promising career in festivals.

Graduated, he now works as an assistant for a parisian photo studio and persisting his script writing for his first feature film.



Leslie-Auryan Gamba, our communication officer


Leslie-Auryan Gamba is born on 11th February 1990. She studied acting in several theatre companies. After her graduation from high school, she went to university to study literature, art and communication. She focused also on playwriting and theatre directing as well as cultural dissemination. She’s currently working as commission officer. In her free time, she helps other artists in the realisation of their projects.


Waar dient de collecte voor

Your generous financial help will bring together the necessary sum for the trip to Lebanon. Below you will find the description of our budget.


-    Two way ticket Paris-Beyrouth : 1200 €

-    Twelve night hotel for two : 450 €

-    Taxi fees to Kfarzeina (two way) : 200 €

-    Daily and unexpected fees : 500 €

-    Communication expenses to finance campaing : 50 €

-    Commission KissKissBankBank (5%): 120 €


TOTAL : 2520 €

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