Refugees champions in martial arts

Help refugees athletes who are fighting for their life.

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Refugees champions in martial arts

Coming back from Greece in September, I created Sport For Refugees in order to enable refugees in France and in Greece to do sports. The organization is now registered under French law as a non-profit organization. 


I am now living in Gironde (South-West of France) and I have many projects in mind, but today I would like to introduce you to my first mission: help athletes refugees to join a martial arts tournament in Athens in December. They are preparing on the Island of Lesvos now and they need our help! 


They already have the energy and the required motivation to win, but they need equipment to be able to train everyday and in a more professional way. 


The organization "Sport For Refugees" wants to give the chance to every athlete refugee to practice their sport and to reach a competition level. We want the athletes to represent refugees and raise awareness around the world. 


Sport is a daily need for our athletes. Without sport, they don't have any activity nor social integration.


Sport allows them to feel free and happy even though they are living in very difficult conditions.




Ilias, martial arts champion, Iranian refugee. 




Ilias winning the tournament as refugee.

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Thanks to the fundraising, our athletes will be able to participate to the martial arts tournament in Athens in December and to train like pro athletes.


The martial arts tournament will take place in Athens on December 2nd, so we need your help now !


The fundraising will be used to cover the logistic costs of the travel to Athens of 2 athletes refugees:


- 2 plane tickets from Lesvos to Athens: 200€ (100€ each round-trip ticket);

- Airbnb for 3 nights in Athens: 90€ (30€ per night);

- metro tickets for 3 days: 14€ (7€ per person).


If we exceed our target the money raised will be used to buy equipment for the refugee athletes :


- 2 pairs of boxing gloves (25€ each pair);

- 2 head gears (25€ each);

- 2 pairs of boxing shoes (65€ each pair);

- 2 boxing gum shields (4€ each);

- 4 sparring punching mitts (45€ each pair);

- 4 strike shields (30€ each);

- 2 pairs of boxing inner gloves (15€ each pair);

- 2 boxing groin guard (8€ each);

- 2 training T-shirts (10€ each);

- 2 training shorts (15€ each);

- 2 track suits (35€ each);

- 2 jump ropes (15€ each);

- 2 pairs of elbow pads (9€ each pair).



The fundraising will also be used to cover shipping costs to Lesvos island (Greece) which are estimated around 200€.


To specify how are our athletes training: they receive coaching from Ilias, international pro athlete, Iranian refugee, and from a Greek coach who lives in Lesvos.


Thanks to your participation these athletes will be able to train at a professional level and they will be able to show that all humans are equal wherever country they come from. 


Sport unites us and makes us grow up everyday. It's what we need today, it's what our athletes need to hope for better days. 


If we manage to buy all this equipment and exceed the target, the money raised will be used to finance Sport For Refugees second project:  enable refugees living in France to become better runners and train like real marathoners !


The organization Sport For Refugees will receive the fundraising and all the funds will be used to buy the listed equipment and ship it, to buy travel tickets and to book an Airbnb for the athletes in Athens.

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