Dire oui à la Vie ! Logothérapie au Rwanda

Help us to finance the implementation of a psychological support in Rwanda

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Dire oui à la Vie ! Logothérapie au Rwanda

21 years after the genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda, children of Rwanda that had to face horrors became now adults. Unfortunately a major part of those people have lost most of their family members and a lot of adults found themselves abandon in streets.




« Say Yes to life in Rwanda ! » is a project that aims to develop a psychological support for numerous people living and suffering in Rwanda. The ‘form’ of this psychological support is based on a psychotherapeutic school called « Logotherapy ».

Logotherapy is a school of psychotherapy focusing on meaning and values.


Founded by Viktor Fankl, neurologist, psychiatrist and philosopher, logotherapy is considered as a ‘brief therapeutic process’. Viktor Frankl was Honoris Causa Doctor in around 30 universities around the world.

The approach of the Logotherapy is based on 2 pillars: Freedom and responsibility, whatever the person environment.



Eva Roettgers, a German woman doctor spent around 30 years of her life in Rwanda.

Today, her commitment helped to train 2 rwandan people in Logotherapy : Christophe et Edouard.




Now, the Professional French Association of Logotherapeuts is helping « The Rwandan Forum of Logotherapy » in its growth and evolution.

The Rwandan Forum of Logotherapy has been created in 2015.


In that purpose of supporting this growth, the project aims at realising in November 2015 :

- 3 congress on Logotherapy in Rwanda,

- Logotherapy book publishing in local language (Kinyarwanda),




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The money raised will serve as following :


1- Coming of around 10 French experts in Logotherapy (accreditated logotherapeutists) and 'staff' in Rwanda (flight tickets Paris - Kigali),

2- Logotherapeutic book publishing (1000 books) of Viktor Frankl "Men search for Meaning" translated in "Kinyarwanda" (one of the official language of Rwanda).

3- Logistics organisation and cars travelling for congressists and 'staff' in major cities of Rwanda : Kigali, Butare et Ruhengeri.


All additionnal money above the target of 10 000 € will be totally allocaed to "the Rwandan Forum of Logotherapeutists" to support local information, training or other services in Logotherapy.


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