Dribbler solidaire // Episode 1 : Les Big Bangs avec les enfants du Sénégal

A non-profit, esthetic and educational documentary to keep a track from the Big Bang camps in Senegal (15th to 22nd of June 2013)

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Dribbler solidaire // Episode 1 : Les Big Bangs avec les enfants du Sénégal

This documentary is a unique chance to keep a track of the Big Bangs Basketball camps in Senegal. In order to show people what the Big Bangs do and why it makes sense to support them.

Between the 15th and 22nd of June 2013, Members of the Big Bangs will meet in Senegal, organize camps with local non-profit organizations and discuss the global project of the NGO.

Filming the camps, the kids and the way basketball can bring people together will help us explain what we aim to do to the people of France. This 26mn documentary will help us show the kids down here and elsewhere in the world that their passion can be used as a tool in other countries of the world, that being a kid a not always as easy as we think in some parts of the world.


For more information about the Big Bang Ballers, please check out the website of the NGO




Nabil Senhaji will be our filmmaker. He is part of the Big Bang family since 2010 and the creation of the french Branch. He's always been into basketball and knows perfectly how to mix his job with his passion, several Basketball videos were made by him and this is one of them..




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Production (250 euros)

- Global preparation in France

- Script


Shooting (1250 euros)

-  Interviews (2 days)

- Action shooting (3 days)



Post-production (800 euros)

- Derush

- Editing


Promotion/distribution (150 euros)

- Organisation of a presentation evening 

- Communication & distribution


Other Costs (838 euros)

- Trip and journey cost for the film maker


Charity contribution (300 euros)

- T-shirts for the senegalese kids

- Breakfasts for street children of Mbour

- Balls, shoes, etc.


Kisskissbankbank Commission  (312 euros)


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