Du rêve à la réalité ! CALAMALO II, A dream becoming a reality !

Make the Calamalo seaplane take off!

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Du rêve à la réalité ! CALAMALO II, A dream becoming a reality !


Hi, I’m Loïc Pochet, born in Brittany, top sportsman, trained to sailing by Eric Tabarly and Olivier de Kersauson. I realized 2 World tour and 23 Atlantic crossings, including 7 solo.

In parallel to the sailing, the dynamics of the seaplane always fascinated me through the relationship between the sea and the air, probably sublimated by my readings of Saint Exupéry, Charles Lindbergh, Mermoz and Amelia Earhart.


With my nautical skills and my passion for aeronautics, I engaged in several major ULM seaplane raids around the world. During these challenges (+2000 flight hours), I’ve noticed that none of the machines currently available on the market was meeting the criteria of versatility, reliability, performance and robustness required for such an intensive use. Facing that on one hand such a machine meeting the required criteria, was lacking on the market, and on the other hand that there was a real expectation from professionals, I decided to confront my vision with the expertise of engineers in order to develop an innovative machine, truly competitive in terms of acquisition and operating costs versus conventional aviation.


First sketch of the CALAMALO story

First sketch of the CALAMALO story


 The innovative nature of this seaplane is based on the latest high technology (research and development have lead to patents) making this seaplane joining the exclusive club of high-end planes with high potential with the added feature « STOL », which is a take-off and landing capability on extremely short length, less than 200 m.


In hostile ground !

In hostile ground !


The CALAMALO II is equipped with the technology and security conveniences used for light aircraft and drones, thus reconciling the advantages of a lightweight amphibious navigation with the constraints of a real means of transport.

With its technology, it can be used in difficult flight conditions, for example taking off the Pacific Ocean, flying over the Andes Cordillera and water-landing in a hollow (wave) formed by 80 cm.


The latest smart connecting technologies will equip the CALAMALO II, on top of the following features:  


   - Ultra quiet propeller.  

   - Single avionics : positioning satellite GPS on PC, tablet or other media  

   - Automatic pilot 

   - Retractable gear 

   - Central shell in composite materials (carbon, kevlar, oven cooking autoclaving)   

   - Bunker for loading luggage behind the back seats (folding). 

   - Carbon wings, folding, with slotted flaps 

   - Lifting hook built into the structure 

   - Fuel tanks integrated into the wings, integrated by design. 

   - Ballistic parachute. 

   - Turbocharged engine with 100 HP allowing a high safety buffer


The wings fold for road transport or boat boarding 

The wings fold for road transport or boat boarding


With a range up to 1000 km, by optimizing its aerodynamic properties, the CALAMALO II becomes the first ULM amphibious seaplane in the world to perform on long-haul flights.  

To sum up, the emphasis is placed on ease of maintenance, low cost of spare parts and the quality of after-sales service. These elements are crucial and participate, in their reach, to the commercial success of the aircraft, in a context where the current market offer does not these criteria as a priority.


CALAMALO II to the needs of today !

CALAMALO II to the needs of today !


This aircraft is lead by a sustainable development approach. At present, an option to make it 100% recyclable is studied.  

The first prototype, developed with the help of the Academy of Montpellier, is for scientific teams on a boat dedicated to ocean research.  

The second prototype will be used as a demonstrator for model series. Then a production unit will develop the model to be manufactured in series.  

The ULM is designed so as to meet the needs of leisure and business needs (territorial surveillance, security missions).  

Its innovative design allows to make it versatile in terms of missions and in terms of conditions of implementation, including « hard to reach » areas. The emphasis has been placed on its outsized capabilities while ensuring its owners and / or operators of a use with reduced maintenance costs.  

The CALAMALO II represents, in its segment, an exceptional concept and establishes a unique development model.




Waar dient de collecte voor

Here's a description of the funding levels:


- The first level of 80 000 Euros will allow us to finish the financing of the different bundles of    manufacturing plans.

- Optimization of structural calculations, 

- The manufacture of a wind tunnel model of 1/10th, 




With EUR 150 000,


   - you help us fund the different molds to manufacture the prototype of the seaplane!

   - The manufacture of different molds for the wings, 





· À 250 000 euros - vous nous aidez à financer entièrement le prototype de l’hydravion !    


   - The confirmation in a wind tunnel of the aerodynamic studies, 

   - Wing manufacture and related accessories, 

   - The manufacture of the rear stabilizer, 

   - The manufacture of the engine mount, 

   - The manufacture of engine cowlings, 

   - The manufacture of the landing gear, 

   - The manufacture of the glass, 

   - The purchase of the engine and its installation, 

   - The fabrication of the tanks, 

   - The purchase avionics and installation, 

   - The manufacture of the interior (upholstery) 

   - The purchase of the parachute, 

   - Flight tests,






- With EUR 350 000,


  - you help us fund the second prototype which will be amphibious (it means it will have a landing gear and will be completely versatile!)

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Voor €20

Anyone supporting the project may, if it wishes, whatever the amount given to have his name on a plaque present in the fabrication workshop to show their support for the project. An invitation to the reception of the end of construction.
  • Backers: 2
  • Levering November 2018

Voor €50

A digital photo album depicting the various stages of construction will be offered at the end of fabrication (+ previous rewards).
  • Backers: 3
  • Levering December 2018

Voor €80

Private visit. Donors will be invited to guided tours of the workshop, including the presentation of the work progress, and share with us a reception (+ previous rewards).
  • Backers: 2
  • Levering April 2017

Voor €100

Hull custom iphone. Delivery of a shell with a high-end design from the CALAMALO II image for IPhone 5, 6, or 6+ (+ Previous rewards)
  • Backer 1
  • Levering Maart 2017

Voor €100

weather by calamalo. Delivery of a wallpaper for Android Smartphone, consisting of an animated weather application with CALAMALO II (+ previous rewards)
  • Backers: 2
  • Levering Maart 2017

Voor €120

Flight Simulator 10 for CALAMALO. Delivery of an application "CALAMALO II flight simulator 10" (+ previous rewards except the 05 or 06)
  • Levering April 2017

Voor €200

Live video. Access to a specific web link to participate in real-time testing phases of driving and flying, the CALAMALO II. The camera will give the same vision as the pilot, you will take part in direct live that we will live !! We will record the broadcast in case you miss the "Direct Live" (+ 01 counterparties to 03). In addition, the name you have chosen will appear on a plaque embedded aboard the prototype.
  • Levering Januari 2019

Voor €350

Dream a reality ! A first flight of 10 minutes will be offered from the airport of the completed ULM seaplane. (+ Counterparties 1 to 4).
  • Levering April 2019

Voor €500

Pilot the seaplane ! An introductory piloting flight of an hour with an instructor on the completed seaplane ULM.(+ counterparties 1 to 4).
  • Backers: 4
  • Levering April 2019

Voor €3.000

Limited edition of an original of a flying CALAMALO II 3D scene from the artist Jean-Michel Mateo, signed and numbered. (with rewards 1 to 5)
  • Beschikbaarheid: 10/10
  • Levering Januari 2017

Voor €5.000

Project partner. For professionals, affix of the logo of their company on the official sign of the project partners, Subscription to the newsletter (+ counterparties 1 to 5)
  • Beschikbaarheid: 4/4
  • Levering Mei 2019

Voor €7.000

special VIP operation / opération VIP ++. Business staffing seminar including: The speech of the founder of CALAMALO Aviation on site, the organization of a quiz contest to win 3 first flights for employees, and 2 VIP ++ first flights for leaders.

Voor €10.000

Onsite business seminar including: Customization of the seaplane with the colors of the company. The speech of the founder of CALAMALO Aviation in the company premises. The organization of a quiz contest to win 5 first flights for employees, and 2 VIP ++ first flight for the leaders.

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