Easymess - "One Night Stand" Concept EP

Get involved in my new project ! Create music and lyrics to new songs, record it straight away, with talented friends, in one night in a studio.

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Easymess - "One Night Stand" Concept EP


- 3 songs

- 1 night in the studio

- Many musicians

- 1 EP

- 1 big behind the scenes video

- Nothing prepared, written, composed before getting in the studio


Easymess is my solo project that I started about 2 years ago. After playing in bands as a drummer, including Without My Signature, and doing random covers on Youtube, I needed a project of my own, where I could sing my own songs, my own words, and tell my own stories.


It is a mix of many influences, mainly folk musicians such as Damien Rice, Passenger, Bon Iver, or Ed Sheeran's beginnings.

It started in France, and I quickly flew to London to play my new material in a city where there is a big live music scene, where I could play every night if I wanted to, and where people would understand my lyrics naturally.


After nearly two years living here in East London, I have met loads of incredibly talented musicians, recorded an EP, written many songs, played then loads and loads of times on stage, and I'm ready to craft a 2nd EP that would change, and be more challenging than just recording songs I've already written and played live.




The project I'm aiming to carry if I get your help is something really special.

It's not a bunch of songs I've written and played. It is a musical AND a video project.

Basically, the aim is to combine the songwriting, the preproduction, the arrangements, and the recording processes in one night in a studio.


I'll get to Waratah Records studio in the end of afternoon, on a Friday or Saturday night, and start creating all of what will be my EP. And write the lyrics, the music, and record it all, with some help from some talented friends, so that in the morning, after a night of hard work, we all go for coffee, and we've finished an EP made of brand new material.


The origin of the project is absolutely random, one of my friends once just posted on my Facebook « I've just recorded an EP last night, it's out tomorrow ».

From then I thought, well, that was a joke, but it would be brilliant, to actually be able to say that : "I wrote 3 songs last night, wrote the music, recorded it, and in one night, finished an EP"




Reasons why it makes such a difference doing it like this :


- It is a big challenge to test your creativity, and push your limits to get quickly, efficiently, to a final artistic result. It makes a whole difference in terms of creative process, and that is why it will all be filmed, and edited, so that the result won't only be a 3-tracks EP, but also a full documentary about the creative process and the night that led to the music you will be listening to.


- It is a collaborative EP, as people will join me, and swing by the studio to record and imagine some additional parts to what I will be creating myself. Some sort of big creation atmosphere, where only friends will be participating in, really talented people, that will add some lyrical inspiration, some vocals, violin, cello, additional guitars, keyboards, and who knows what?!


- It is something way more interesting to follow, as right now, and until the day we do it, you don't know what songs will be in it, and I don't know either as they are not even existing songs.



Why the crowdfunding for this EP ?


My first EP « Hermione's Bag » was really my first experience of professionnal studio recording, and I wouldn't have wanted people to get too involved in something I didn't know already, and I had no idea of what it would be like.

This one is different, I will be recording at Waratah Studios with Michael Griggs, as for the first one. It is a place I know, with only people I know, and a project that is really different and exciting. As the process is a big creative challenge, it is really important to me having people helping me and getting involved in it, and the financial help will allow me to do it properly, without the struggle of cutting important costs.


Michael Griggs in the Studio at Waratah Records :



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How will the money be used ?


850€ : Music production.


It is the biggest cost of it obviously, and it will include having the studio for one night for me and my friends, with the talented Michael Griggs engineering, staying up all night for this, and then mixing the tracks.

I'm actually forcing him to keep his eyes open, and keep working the whole night through, and then sort out everything that's recorded to make it sound perfect.

Mastering. The final touch to the music, the sound perfection to make it sound professional and ready to listen perfectly on any device, retouching the edges, the highs and lows, balancing the equalization. Making it sound perfect basically.

We'll be putting on the night on the weekend of the 8th of July, and work for a release date in August !


300€ : Filming, editing, photography, printing


Everything will be filmed. From the way to the studion to the songwriting process, people coming to the studio, recording their parts, creating the record with me, the engineering, the banter and the few drinks needed to go through the night. It is really important for this project to give a full immersive view of what will be happening in the studio, and how we make an EP out of nothing, just with working musical brains, and talented people around me. More than taking care of the video, this money will also be spent into printing tapes with a tape recorder, and making myself what will be the physical copies of the EP.

Single-use cameras will also be used to keep the best memories of the night, and will be sent personnaly to contributors and helpers !

Film expected to be released in August !


50€ : Catering for everyone


Everyone will come for free to help me out, which is amazing, as they all are brilliant musicians, singers and songwriters, so the least I can do iis provide them a fresh beer or a warm coffee, and some food when they actually come down to help me in this !


Extra money :


So the objective covers the main costs for making it and making sure we get the final product done correctly without struggling or cutting any point of it.

Then, if we get to the objective, all the extra money, will be used for different things depending on how much more we get :

- Extra gifts and goodies for contributors

- Setting up a release party for the EP

- Record an extra song (out of those that I've written before, that I already play live today

- Make a super cool music video, so that we can promote the EP afterwards !

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