Eco-musée "Les Maisons Troglodytes"

"Les Maisons Troglodytes" is a museum where you can find several old houses and a barnyard dug underground in tuffeau stone. A MUST SEE!

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Eco-musée "Les Maisons Troglodytes"

What is troglodytism?


It's the oldest form of housing known to men. People used to live in natural underground caves but overtime needing more comfortable and convenient places, they started to dig their houses undergroung, making different rooms and useful spaces. That's probably how the first troglodytic houses appeared. 

All the different social classes once lived in "troglo". The ambiant temperature is constant. It's cool in the summer and minimum heat from a fireplace in the winter is enough to feel comfy.






The place


"Les Maisons Troglodytes" is a museum where you can find several old houses and a barnyard dug underground in tuffeau stone. There were inhabitants up until the end of the 19th century.




It is open for visits since 1979. Bernard Foyer (the previous owner) created the first private troglodytic museum of the area and exposed there lots of old farming tools. There are also real animals like sheep, hens and roosters, peacocks and hopefully other animals soon. The place feels really authentic and warm!




Where is it ?


The site is located in the South Saumurois area, 15km from Saumur and 5km north of Doué La Fontaine close to the charming village of Forges. 


Our goals


- To preserve and maintain this unique heritage

- To continue to make people visit and enjoy this fabulous place

- To share the troglodytisme culture with games, activities, conferences, exhibitions... For children and adults!




In the future, near or far...


- Creation of a vegetables garden above the houses

- Developement of ecological and renewable systems which will allow us to live almost in self-sufficiency.

Waar dient de collecte voor

We NEED you because the grand reopening is set for the last week end of March!

We completely felt in love with the place and we had to buy it for us, but also for people to see.


Even if the site was under exploitation until the end of 2013, it has clearly lacking care and attention for years. The fence along the discovery path is in bad shape or patched up with waste material. The plants are invasive and aggravate the natural erosion of the frontage. It is also important to make the path enjoyable for everyone, including people with reduced mobility.


What we will do with the money


- Printing and diffusion of advertising material

- Fence 

- Plants, bushes...

- Firewood (to dry some of the very humid caves)

- Tools (drill and gardening tools...)

- Change some broken window glass

- Creation of appropriate lighting 

- Benches 


Of course, if we get more money than expected, we could start earlier some other projects that we have, like renovating the reception space, the restrooms area and also why not build a geodesic dome... 


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