"Écosse, la quête du sauvage"

Support a documentary film about wild Scotland in the course of the seasons, following the foot steps of a nature photographer

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"Écosse, la quête du sauvage"

Four years of filming for an outstanding documentary!

I am Laurent Cocherel, a nature photographer and the founder of Alba Nature. For the last 25 years, I have been travelling back and forth the continental Scotland and its isles in quest of lights and natural encounters. I therefore travel that way each year, two months a year, in Scotland.



Who am I?


Nature enthusiast since I am a child, my professional life has always turned towards the fulfillment of that passion. I am a man of pictures but I am also an author who wrote a dozen of books and one hundred or so articles in the press. I was the creator and the editor-in-chief of the French magazine Horizons Nature (Natures horizons) between 2005 and 2006. Afterwards, I joined the editorial board of another French magazine called Terre Sauvage (Wild Earth) between 2007 and 2008 as an international correspondant and as head of section.


I wrote and illustrated with my photos three books on Scotland, published in France:

"Écosse, guide nature" published by Editions Romain Pages (1999).

"Écosse, instants de lumières" published by Editions Cacimbo (2008).

"Écosse, les clés pour bien voyager" published by Editions Glénat (2017).

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I am an inexhaustible globetrotter and my expertise of nature travel has lead me to associate myself with the creation of a travel agency specialised in adventure and ecotourism travel called Terres Oubliées (Forgotten lands). In 2009, I created the brand Terres Oubliées Nature for which I design — from my office in Brittany (France) — some unique trips and expeditions as in Alaska, British-Columbia, Siberia, Spitzberg and South Georgia… For more than 20 years, I have been setting up and guiding observation and animal photography trips in Scotland.


You can find out more about my work on my Web site  : www.laurentcocherel.com

and on my Facebook page.: https://www.facebook.com/laurent.cocherel.7


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My project : share my passion for Scotland with this film!

Today, by the way of video, I wish to share my passion for this country, bringing you to all over Scotland to experience intense moments of nature!

Known for the power and the beauty of its landscapes, the country distinguishes itself by the richness of its fauna and reaches the top of the European countries in terms of biodiversity.


For the last four years, my stays on the spot are essentially dedicated to the shooting of this film, in all seasons. This long-term undertaking has enable me to explore the subject deeply and to capture some scenes of wild life rarely filmed.


The last clips will be shot during the rest of the year 2017, until the autumn, for a release of the DVD expected in early 2018.





What will you see in this film?

Many beautiful things! A superb landscape but also and especially scenes of wild life.

Every season, I take you to discover the most striking natural events:

- Winter: in the snow-capped mountains, encounters with the ptarmigans and the mountain hares.

- Spring: the nesting season for the sea birds, a complete immersion at the heart of a colony of northern gannets, the osprey and the golden eagle set up their nest at the heart of the old forests, the black grouses make their courtship rituals and their fights…

- Summer: seeking the European otters, on foot, in kayak, from a hide, in bivouac. Some nice encounters! Discover the explosion of life in the sea of the Hebrides with a plentiful submarine life : dolphins, seals, basking sharks, and so forth…

- Autumn : the arrival of the migratory birds, the concentration of thousands of gooses, the deer roar and the seals giving birth…


And many other surprises!

You will discover backstage of my work as a photographer and all the means deployed to get some pictures.




What is the planning for this film?


April to october 2017 : last video shootings in Scotland. During thus year, I will inform you with some new clips.

November 2017 to January 2018 : Editing and mixing of the movie.

February/March 2018 :  DVD making and rewards.




Waar dient de collecte voor

It will be used to finance the post-production of the film in order to make a DVD (in French and in English).

This film will be largely be screened in the festivals about nature, environmental issues, adventure, then followed by an exhibition, lectures… The goal is well and truly to exchange and to share!


The production of the film is practically finished. I take advantage of the current year to complete some clips.

However, the editing, the mixing, the film score and the voice over work are handled by professionals, hence this fundraising to cover one part of the costs.


Editing / Mixing/ Standardisation: €6,000

Film score: €2,500

French and English voice overs: €1,500

Translation costs: €800

DVD making (1,000 copies): €1,500





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